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  • Image of split king adjustable Power Base 6 in a bedroom setting.
  • Image of queen size adjustable Power Base 6 in a bedroom setting.
  • Close up image of Power Base 6 hand contol on nightstand.
  • Detail image of adjustable Power Base 6 hand control operation.
  • Image of adjustable Power Base 6 on a platform bed frame with drawers.
  • Close up photo of open underbed drawers with no obstruction fro6m Power Base 6.
  • Image of two twin XL beds on a split king Power Base 6 on a pedestal drawer base in a bedroom setting.
  • Image of a queen bed on a queen Power Base 6 on a pedestal drawer base in a bedroom setting.

Power Base 6

Quick Overview

Turn your bedroom into the sanctuary you always dreamed it could be when you add a zero clearance Power Base to your Night Air® Bed. The wireless remote puts you in control of multiple rest and sleep positions, as well as relaxing massage. Can be used on platform or storage beds.


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Finally, an adjustable base that can be used on a platform or storage bed. You no longer have to sacrifice the convenience of under bed storage for adjustable comfort and support. The design of the Power Base 6 allows you to remove the legs and place the base directly on the existing support system of your platform or storage bed. Or, leave the legs attached and place inside a traditional bed frame. The choice is yours. Dramatically improve the quality of your sleep by settling into the zero gravity position, which takes all the stress and pressure off your joints and muscles. Use the wireless hand control to elevate your head and/or feet into the most comfortable position for whatever you are doing. Take advantage of the bed’s built-in massage option and timer to enhance your relaxation even further. There is even an anti-snore feature! Go ahead, lie back, get comfortable and prepare yourself for the best night's sleep of your life.

Each Twin XL Power Base includes a pairing cable. If your prefer, you can link two Twin XL Adjustable Power Bases together for single operation to create one king size adjustable bed.

  • Full Range of Relaxing Head and Foot Positions
  • Greatly Increase Comfort, Improve Relaxation, Help Breathing and Relieve Lower Back Pain
  • Ergonomic Easy to Use Wireless Hand Controls
  • Back-Lit Buttons for Better Visibility in Low Light
  • One Touch of a Button Returns Bed to Flat Position
  • Memory Button Conveniently Stores Your Favorite Setting
  • One Touch Zero Gravity Button Allows You to Enjoy Pressure Free, Ergonomic Comfort
  • Anti-Snore Preset Button Slightly Raises Head of the Bed to Open Airways, Improve Breathing and Reduce Snoring
  • Wall Hugging Design Lifts the Base While Simultaneously Gliding Back, Which Keeps Your Nightstand Close
  • Separate Head and Foot Massage Options with Multiple Auto Timer Options
  • Sturdy Steel Frame With Attractive Neutral Gray Linen Look Upholstery Fits Any Decor
  • Removable Legs Allows for Zero Clearance Option
  • Base Can Be Placed On Platform or Storage Beds Without Interference
  • Two Quiet, Powerful, Maintenance Free Motors
  • 15" Base Is Compatible with Conventional Bedding
  • 20 Year Limited Warranty

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  1. The BEST!!! review by Abbie on 12/15/2018

    I'm sooooo glad I bought this base!!! It's awesome and super comfortable, when I'm reading or working in bed, or when my back, hips or shoulders hurt, I'm able to adjust myself so that there's no pressure on those areas. Everyone should have one of these, totally worth it!

  2. cool bed base review by Joseph B. on 12/12/2018

    Really cool adjustable base. I can adjust my wife's head if she starts snoring, and the massage settings are cool too

  3. Comfort at Last review by Eric W. on 12/12/2018

    I purchased this Power Base 6 and have never been more pleased with a purchase. This base does everything it claims. It is smooth, quiet and I can finally get a position that is comfortable for reading in bed, or just watching tv. I don't know why I didn't buy one before now, but this is definitely a must have!

  4. Great Value review by Liking it on 1/21/2018

    I purchased this with the 670 ultra. You have to buy two twinXL to be able to control each side independently. It takes a bit to find the perfect zero gravity setting but I saved mine to memory and its now simple to get to it when I'm ready to sleep. Easy to operate and works as advertised. Fairly simple to set up but it is fairly heavy so you will need help if you don't get the white glove setup.

  5. Smooth and Quiet review by Nancy A on 1/22/2016

    This base is amazing. It is so quiet you can barely hear the motor and the movement is very smooth, even lifting a 200+ pound man! The massage function is louder, but you can still comfortably hear a television or carry on a conversation while it is running. Very impressed with this.

  6. Price review by Brenda E on 1/22/2016

    I bought this for my aging parents. Admittedly, my first requirement was affordability but I also wanted to have some of the massage functionality as my father is always complaining about his back. They are both happy with this and it didn't empty my purse. It's not dirt cheap but you can't hardly find them cheaper with the massage function. This does ship via a freight carrier but they scheduled the delivery with us and were surprisingly on time.

  7. Works Well review by Mark on 1/22/2016

    Paired this with the ultra 670 and it works well. The massage functions are adequate, and the remote is not overly complicated and easy to use. For this price range I consider it a good purchase.

  8. Perfect for Techie review by Nick D on 1/22/2016

    I work in IT so I wanted something that would allow me to lay in bed while working and "multi-task". If you're a gadget warrior, this adjustable bed will allow you to work and relax at the same time.

  9. Nice Massage review by Madonna on 1/22/2016

    For the price this is a really nice adjustable. Its hard to find the massage features at this price range and I always have to sleep with my head up a little bit for medical reasons. We got this with an air bed and I am super happy.

9 Item(s)

per page

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