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  • The Three Types of Insomnia

    Insomnia is, quite simply, a condition in which we don’t get enough sleep. Sometimes it is a matter of not being able to fall asleep. Sometimes it is a matter of awakening too soon, after too little sleep. And other times it is a matter of the sleep that we are actually getting being less than what we need, or what we feel we need.

    Insomnia that is caused by a known stimulus, such as a medication that we are taking, is easily cured – simply discontinuing the medication will generally resolve the insomnia. But insomnia that sets us to tossing and turning comes in three different forms, and it is helpful in understanding the condition to recognize the three types. Continue reading

  • The Snorer & The Snoree

    Did you know that one of the top complaints cited as causing serious marital strife is snoring?  It seems hard to believe that the noise we make while we’re asleep would rank right up there with money and infidelity, but it’s true, and it’s an indication of just how important getting a good night’s sleep is to our quality of life.

    So, if you’re in a relationship where one of you is a snorer and the other is the victim of your snoring, there are steps that you can each take to make life easier and to preserve your partnership. Understanding why the snorer snores is a start – it’s as simple as the fact that the

    Continue reading

  • The Physical Impact of Sleep Deprivation

    Though almost all of us know what it’s like to be a bit behind on our sleep, those who suffer from chronic insomnia understand how truly miserable an experience it is not to be able to sleep when you want to, and what an important aspect of our lives sleep is. Though the people in insomniacs’ lives have likely never experienced the physical impact of going days without sleep at all they may well have witnessed the end result. Getting enough sleep is a true biological need, and its importance becomes very evident when that need is not met. True sleep deprivation has a distinctive set of symptoms that affect sufferers both mentally and physically. Continue reading

  • Shift Work and Sleep Deprivation

    When Thomas Edison captured electricity and invented the light bulb, it created a whole new world of opportunity, enabling humans to light up the night. The invention of the electric light neatly dovetailed with the Industrial Revolution in which most goods came to be produced in factories. As factory efficiency grew greater, owners realized that they could run their machinery all night long and bring workers in round the clock, and thus shift work was created. Though shift work made an enormous economic difference and increased productivity tremendously, it also introduced sleep problems for which there are no good solutions. Continue reading

  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

    Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is an actual illness that sounds to many like something that’s been made up – a period of sadness and other symptoms brought on by a lack of sunlight. But as the condition has gained more attention and researchers have studied it more, they've found that it is more common than previously realized, affecting almost ten percent of Americans living in some Northeastern states. Since it was originally identified, SAD has been reclassified from a standalone diagnosis to a variant, or specifier, of depression, whose recurrence each year in those who suffer from it can be predicted, and which can be treated in a number of simple ways. Continue reading

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