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  • Learning While Sleeping

    Though it has been disproven that humans are able to learn any kind of new information simply by being exposed to audio lessons played while they are asleep, scientists continue to study and experiment to see exactly what we are capable of learning while we are asleep.  One group of researchers has just completed an absolutely fascinating study that indicates that there is plenty that our brain can learn, even while we are not awake.  Continue reading

  • Olympian Discusses The Importance of a Good Bed

    As the 2014 Winter Olympics begins in Sochi, one American ice skater has gone to great lengths to make sure that he gets the good night of sleep that he needs in order to ensure his competitive edge. Jeremy Abbott brought his own bed. Continue reading

  • Sleep and the Common Cold

    As it turns out, science has found yet another thing that our mothers were absolutely right about. All those times that mom told us to go to sleep, using the rationale that if we let ourselves get run down we’d catch a cold… that is exactly what researchers at Carnegie Mellon just confirmed in a recent study. Continue reading

  • New Risks Found to be Associated with Insomnia

    Sleep science has been making new discoveries every day, with most pointing to the importance of getting adequate sleep, the benefits of getting better-than-adequate sleep, and the risks of not getting enough sleep.  Sleep disorders and insomnia have gotten special attention as cures are sought for both chronic conditions, and now researchers have found another reason why a cure is needed. A Harvard and Brigham and Women’s Hospital research project has shown that men who self-reported insomnia ran a somewhat higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. Continue reading

  • Sleep Little, Eat a Lot

    A study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania’s sleep laboratory, run out of their Unit for Experimental Psychiatry, Division of Sleep and Chronobiology, has confirmed what a lot of us knew in our heart of hearts - that the later we’re staying up and the less sleep we’re getting, the more we are eating. And we’re not eating healthy foods either; we’re making unhealthy choices that are loaded in fat. Continue reading

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