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  • Placebo Effect’s Limits on Sleep-Related Performance

    There have been a number of studies done on the placebo effect as it relates to people’s perception of how much good quality sleep people believe that they have gotten as compared to their actual quantity and quality of sleep. A placebo effect is described as the positive impact of believing that a medication or treatment that has been received will work, even if the medication or treatment did not actually have an impact at all. Typical examples of a placebo effect are when people are given pills that are actually nothing but sugar but which they are told will alleviate a symptom. Study participants often report that their symptoms are diminished despite the fact that the pills they received had no active ingredients to accomplish the effect. In sleep studies on the placebo effect, patients are given indications that their sleep quality was either better or worse than it actually was, and then they are tested for performance on a number of different tasks.  Continue reading

  • How Your Mattress Really Does Make a Difference

    People who are loath to purchase a new mattress generally point to the expense involved as their excuse for holding off, but they really should take a look at their priorities. Those very same people would probably never consider going out for a run without making sure that they had a decent pair of running shoes that provide them with the right type of support, or going scuba diving without their oxygen tanks properly filled. When it comes to sleeping, our mattresses are our most important piece of equipment for an activity that we spend approximately one third of our lives on. Seems like the investment might be worth it.  Continue reading

  • Link Between Sleep Disorder and Dementia

    Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have concluded that those male patients who suffer from a specific sleep disorder known as REM sleep behavior disorder are more likely to later develop a specific type of dementia called Lewy body dementia. The new information was recently presented at a meeting of the American Academy of Neurology that was held in San Diego, California.  Continue reading

  • Learning While Sleeping

    Though it has been disproven that humans are able to learn any kind of new information simply by being exposed to audio lessons played while they are asleep, scientists continue to study and experiment to see exactly what we are capable of learning while we are asleep.  One group of researchers has just completed an absolutely fascinating study that indicates that there is plenty that our brain can learn, even while we are not awake.  Continue reading

  • Olympian Discusses The Importance of a Good Bed

    As the 2014 Winter Olympics begins in Sochi, one American ice skater has gone to great lengths to make sure that he gets the good night of sleep that he needs in order to ensure his competitive edge. Jeremy Abbott brought his own bed. Continue reading

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