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  • Secrets to Waking Up Earlier

    Maybe you’re a recent college grad adjusting to the real-life schedule that Mom and Dad have been warning about for years. Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom ready to reenter the workforce, or a person changing from a late-shift career to the 9 to 5 world. Whatever your circumstance, if you’re finding it difficult to get your eyes wide open first thing in the morning, you’re not alone. There is scientific evidence to support the notion that some of us are night owls who don’t function as well in the morning, but you’re unlikely to find that your boss or your clients are particularly sympathetic. They expect you to be there, bright eyed and bush-tailed first thing each morning, ready to face the world. Continue reading

  • How Well Are You Really Sleeping?

    Ask most people how they slept and they’ll either tell you that they had a horrible night’s sleep or else that they slept great …. Most aren’t aware if their sleep was actually interrupted, or that they didn’t get anywhere near the amount of sleep that they think they did. Most people calculate their sleep time based upon when they climb into bed or turn out the light, but they may actually take an hour to fall asleep, or wake up well before their alarm or at some point in the middle of the night, bringing the seven hours that they thought they had gotten down to a more legitimate five or six. Continue reading

  • Link Between Sleep Duration and Depression

    The importance of sleep cannot be underemphasized. Getting insufficient quality or quantity sleep has been linked to a wide range of health problems, ranging from increased risk of obesity and strike to reduced cognitive abilities. Now comes word that the quantity of sleep that we get, whether too little or too much, may be directly tied to the incidence of depression. The results of two different studies were recently published in the journal Sleep, and are getting a great deal of attention. Continue reading

  • skipping sleep?? consider the risks

    We live in a hectic and demanding world, and far too many among us find ourselves having to make tough choices in order to get to everything that we want to. Unfortunately, one of the first things that we tend to sacrifice in an attempt to fit everything else in is our recommended daily amount of sleep. Sleeping a full eight hours feels like a luxury, especially when you consider all of the fun or important or pressing things that could be being taken care of when we’re just lying there in bed. Continue reading

  • How Lighting effects your sleep

    Being able to get a good night’s sleep makes an important difference in how you feel the next day. It helps you think clearly and perform well on both physical and mental tasks, and getting enough sleep on a regular basis is important for your overall health and well being. But all too often we do small things that interfere with our ability to sleep. You know what I’m talking about – little things like having a cup of coffee too late in the afternoon, or staying up and playing on our electronic devices far too late. But chances are your list of self-defeating activities doesn’t include something that most people are doing — getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and switching on the light along the way. Continue reading

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