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  • Anxious? Moody? Try Getting to Bed Earlier!

    Moms and dads worldwide are well aware that the later their kids stay up at night, the tougher the following morning is going to be, and the rest of the day as well. Now researchers at Binghamton University have put science behind the anecdotes and have confirmed that the less sleep you get and the later you stay up, the greater your chances of days filled with worry and negativity. Continue reading

  • How Bedtimes Impact Exercise

    Does this sound familiar? You’re heading out to work, bleary-eyed and wishing you could have stayed under the covers, only to shake your head at the sight of one of your neighbors out jogging in the early morning light. No? Maybe you’re that neighbor who got up at the crack of dawn, full of energy and intent on getting your exercise in before heading off to the rest of your day? Continue reading

  • Alan Alda Challenges Scientists to Explain Sleep

    When you think of Alan Alda, you probably picture your favorite episode of M*A*S*H, the award-winning, long-running television show that ran in the 1970s and 1980s. But there’s more to Mr. Alda then that one role. Among other interests, he has a passion for science and making it accessible to young people, and as a result he initiated a challenge a few years back, inviting scientists to explain difficult concepts in terms that eleven year olds could understand. His initial challenge was to answer the question, “What is flame?” Since that time his questions have become known as the Flame Challenge, and this year’s question will address an issue that many adults would like the answer to as well: What is sleep? Continue reading

  • Just in Time for the Holidays – Gifts to Help You Get Your Snooze On

    Sleep is a hot topic these days. Whether you’re reading about it, watching a special about the need for it, or just wishing that you could get more of it, it seems like everybody is talking about sleep, so it’s no wonder that there are so many great sleep-related gift options available this year. If you are looking for a gift that will not only be appreciated, but which will also make a significant difference in the health and wellbeing of its recipient, you can’t go wrong with any of the choices you find below. Continue reading

  • Is Thanksgiving Dinner The World’s Best Sleep Aid?

    It seems as though part of the annual Thanksgiving Day tradition is the post-meal snooze, wherein everybody first partakes of the feast, then finds a cozy corner in which to curl up and snooze until they feel as though they can rebutton the top button of their pants. Some people refer to this phenomenon as going into a food coma, but the truth is that there are only some foods that will do this to you … and despite a common myth to the contrary, it’s not all about the turkey. Continue reading

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