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  • Scientists Successfully Produce REM Sleep

    Though sleep science is a relatively new field of study, the advances being made by researchers have been remarkable and fast-paced. It is the goal of sleep research to better understand sleep and be able to manipulate it in order to help those who suffer from sleep disorders and deficiencies. A team of scientists at MIT has brought that understanding one step closer with its latest study. Continue reading

  • This Coffee Will Put You Right to Sleep

    Anybody who has ever struggled with insomnia knows that one of the cardinal rules of getting a good night’s sleep is to stay away from coffee — even decaf varieties can spell trouble for those who are particularly sensitive to caffeine. But now a company called Counting Sheep Coffee has introduced a new java that claims to let coffee lover have their cup and sleep a bit too. The company offers an unusual blend of decaf beans combined with a whopping 176 milligrams of valerian root, an herbal sleep remedy that is said to be a natural sedative. Continue reading

  • Incorporating Sleep Into Your Healthy Weight Goals

    It’s the New Year, and that means that a lot of us are making resolutions about living healthier and losing weight. When people embark on a weight loss or fitness program, they generally set goals about eliminating unhealthy foods or beginning an exercise program, and those are all sensible positive steps. But few spend time thinking about getting enough sleep, and according to research that is one of the most important steps you can take. Continue reading

  • Introducing Feng Shui Into Your Bedroom for A Better Night’s Sleep

    If you’re one of the millions of Americans who struggle to get a good night’s sleep, you have probably pursued a number of different solutions. The choices of sleep therapies seem to expand by the day, with sleep monitoring bracelets, white noise machines, alarm clocks that react to your sleep cycles, and endless variations of relaxation inducing teas hitting the market. Continue reading

  • New Spending Bill Rolls Back Trucking Rules

    One of the top concerns of safety advocates around the country has long been drowsy driving, and this is of particular concern when it comes to the drivers who operate tractor trailers on our nation’s highways. These mammoth vehicles carry a great deal of additional risk for the simple reason of their sheer size, but because drivers are often under deadline stress and pressure from their owners, many drive with too little sleep, greatly increasing the likelihood of deadly accidents. Continue reading

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