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  • How Sleep Can Improve Your Kids’ Grades

    Ask any parent and they’ll tell you that bedtime can be one of the most fraught and stressful times of the day. No matter how tired their bodies may be, kids resist the idea of going to sleep at their prescribed bedtime, as though they are afraid that they will miss out on something important. But a new study that is a result of a collaboration between researchers at McGill University and the Douglas Mental Health University Institute in Montreal has provided a whole new justification for parents to provide to their children: the more quality sleep that they get, the better their grades are likely to be in their math and language classes. Continue reading

  • Sleep App Company Introducing Smart Light Bulb

    Misfit has made a name for itself by producing wearables that track a variety of health data and providing consumers with more information than they could ever need about the way they’re conducting their lives and the way that they’re sleeping. Now the company has decided to go beyond tracking and provide a multicolored smart light bulb called the Misfit Bolt which will work collaboratively with its apps to provide you with the best possible lighting for your sleep cycle and sleep needs. Continue reading

  • Can You Convert to Being a Morning Person?

    With the New Year come tons of well-intended resolutions. Though many of them have to do with eating better, exercising more and losing weight, there are also those that revolve around other lifestyle habits that need changing. One of the most popular ones we’ve heard this year is about switching sleep schedules and getting more, and better quality sleep. Some long time night owls have pledged to change themselves into larks, the cheerful term that is used to refer to morning people. But is it really possible to shift your body clock from being a person who likes to stay up watching the late show to one who is revved up and ready during Good Morning America? If waking up earlier in the day is your goal for the year, then we’re all in to help you out. Here are a couple of sneaky ways that you can help yourself make the shift. Continue reading

  • Signs You Need More Sleep

    With sleep deprivation reaching epidemic proportions in the United States, health advocates and sleep specialists are sounding the alarm and letting us all know that we need to be making sleep a much higher priority in our lives. Unfortunately, the feeling of being tired all the time has become so familiar that many of us may not even realize that we are suffering from daytime fatigue. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that one of the biggest risk factors in sleep deprivation comes from the fact that people who are suffering from it are unaware of it, and may feel perfectly fine getting behind the wheel of a vehicle or making big decisions with too little rest.

    There are a number of warning signs that you body sends to let you know that you’re in need of more rest. Some of them are obvious, like falling asleep during the day or having a hard time remembering things. Others may not be so obvious. Here are a few of the more subtle signs that your body may be sending to let you know that you need to be getting to bed earlier.

    Sleep deprivation can have immediate impacts on your appearance, as well as long term health effects. Bottom line, get 7-9 hours of sleep

    1. Dull Skin

    When they talk about getting your beauty sleep, the experts aren’t kidding. Sleep is essential for healthy skin. Getting the rest you need increases the ability of your beauty products to work, while not getting enough sleep actually damages your skin. It increases the levels of stress hormones in the body, and that can lead to wrinkles and acne. It also reduces your skin’s hydration. Poor sleep habits have been directly linked to skin sensitivity, and reduces your body’s ability to protect the skin from the sun’s UV rays and chemical pollutants and irritants.

    2. More Wrinkles

    People worry that sleeping on wrinkled sheets or pillowcases can lead to wrinkles, but they should spend more time worrying about what lack of sleep is doing to their skin. Anti-aging research has shown that lack of sleep speeds up the aging of our skin. It makes our levels of human growth hormone fall, thus leading to sagging skin. Human growth hormone builds the strength and thickness of our skin, making us look more youthful.

    3. Break Outs

    Lack of sleep triggers your adrenal glands, leading to more oil being produced. When you combine this with the dryness that tends to come with lack of sleep, it means that your pores are going to get clogged more easily, and you’re going to see far more breakouts.

    4. Bags Under Your Eyes

    Nothing makes you look more tired than puffy eyes, and they come from retaining water. When your body is stressed by lack of sleep it produces cortisol, and since the skin under your eyelids is so thin, that’s where you’re going to see the resulting water retention.

    5. Weight Gain

    Study after study shows that when you’re sleep deprived, it shifts your metabolism into a lower-functioning mode and makes you more likely to eat more. Lack of sleep also makes you choose the foods that are the worst for you nutritionally.
    The bottom line is that getting enough sleep will make you feel better, look better, and live a more healthy life. Make getting seven to nine hours of sleep every night a top priority.


  • Finding The Right Answer for Sleeplessness

    When you have a bad night’s sleep, it can really make a mess of your day. But if you have a few bad nights of sleep in a row, it is cause for stress and worry. When tossing and turning and trying desperately to fall asleep has become routine, it’s time to take a look at what might be causing the problem, because once insomnia becomes chronic it is hard to treat, in large part because you end up worrying so much about it. Most people tend to think immediately of sleeping pills as a way to solve the issue, but that’s not always the best answer. Continue reading

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