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  • Meditating Your Way To Sleep

    There are those among us who are able to turn in for the night without giving it a second thought — they lay their heads on their pillows and are off to sleep within minutes and wake up feeling refreshed and energetic the next morning. There are also those who dread the arrival of bedtime each night, craving the rest that it promises but loathing the struggle that it takes to finally fall asleep each night. Then there are those who fall somewhere in between. Sleep doesn’t come easily all by itself, but they have found a method that works for them, and rely on it each night. For some this may be sleeping pills, for some it is the establishment of a nightly routine that preps brain and body and sets it to drowsy mode, and for some, it is the nightly practice of meditation. Continue reading

  • Do Over-The-Counter Sleep Aids Really Work?

    If you’ve found yourself struggling to fall asleep over the last few days, then you’re probably getting really frustrated. There’s nothing quite like the sensation of struggling to get through the day because you’re so tired, only to find that once you finally climb under our covers and get your head on the pillow, you’re just as wide awake as you’ve been the last few nights. It’s natural to look for help, and the local pharmacy definitely offers plenty of sleep aids, but it is important that you understand what you’re taking before you go that route, so let’s take a closer look. Continue reading

  • Sleep Procrastination and How To Get Past It

    Ever hear the term sleep procrastination? No? Okay, picture this. You’re about to go to bed for the night and you just read that question. Even though you’ve told yourself all day long that you are definitely going to get eight hours of sleep tonight, and it is mere minutes from the time that you told yourself you needed to get to bed, you decide to just read the rest of this article to see what it’s all about. Fifteen minutes later you understand the term, and you just remembered that you need to send an email to your old college body about the upcoming reunion and you may as well do it now since it will only take a minute. And then … okay. You got the idea. Continue reading

  • Harvard Scientist Pinpoints Area of Brain Responsible for Sleep

    After years of research trying to determine exactly what the mechanisms are that cause us to fall asleep, a 39-year old neurologist from Harvard Medical School and his team of researchers believe that they have come up with the solution. In a study that was recently published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, Patrick Fuller outlines his discovery, which identifies a tiny, recently-discovered section of the brain that not only appears to control whether we sleep, but also the most basic operation of our lungs, heart, and other bodily functions. He and his group have named this area the parafacial zone. Continue reading

  • Return Policies Key to Mattress Satisfaction

    A recent article on the website of Consumer Reports advises consumers in the market for a mattress on the best ways to ensure satisfaction with their purchase. Though the organization takes pains to remind its readers of the importance of carefully testing a mattress in the store, indicating that the process (when done right) will take thirty minutes, they also pay heed to feedback from consumers who have praised sellers who offer generous return policies. Continue reading

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