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  • Sleep Procrastination and How To Get Past It

    Ever hear the term sleep procrastination? No? Okay, picture this. You’re about to go to bed for the night and you just read that question. Even though you’ve told yourself all day long that you are definitely going to get eight hours of sleep tonight, and it is mere minutes from the time that you told yourself you needed to get to bed, you decide to just read the rest of this article to see what it’s all about. Fifteen minutes later you understand the term, and you just remembered that you need to send an email to your old college body about the upcoming reunion and you may as well do it now since it will only take a minute. And then … okay. You got the idea. Continue reading

  • Return Policies Key to Mattress Satisfaction

    A recent article on the website of Consumer Reports advises consumers in the market for a mattress on the best ways to ensure satisfaction with their purchase. Though the organization takes pains to remind its readers of the importance of carefully testing a mattress in the store, indicating that the process (when done right) will take thirty minutes, they also pay heed to feedback from consumers who have praised sellers who offer generous return policies. Continue reading

  • How To Wake Up In The Morning With A Spring In Your Step

    For those of us who have to drag ourselves out of bed every morning, who eye the alarm clock with hatred and who think that putting our feet on the floor next to our bed is the first step of our daily surrender, it is hard to believe that there are people who actually love the morning. But despite our doubts, there are some who spring out of bed at the first sign of light, delighting in their morning coffee sipped while listening to chirping birds and revving themselves up with a run around the neighborhood or watching their favorite early morning show. Some have always been early birds and some have taught themselves to wake up happy, and believe it or not, you can too. Continue reading

  • Get Your Glow On By Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

    All the reports and scientific studies and articles on the need for getting a good night’s sleep might sound like just so much ‘yada yada’ … after all, not everybody is focused on getting a promotion, remembering what they’ve learned in class or living a long and healthy life. For those who are focused on the truly important things in life, in other words, how they look, it turns out that there are a good many reasons to work at getting a good night’s sleep. Studies have shown that not only does getting between seven and nine hours per night have an impact on how much you feel like eating during the course of the day, it also makes a big difference in whether or not you’re going to wake up to a view of a big breakout in the mirror, or skin that looks dull and lifeless. Continue reading

  • Optimizing Your Bedroom for Sleep

    Getting the sleep that you need should be as easy as laying your head on the pillow and closing your eyes. Unfortunately, many people find that turning out the lights and lying down is the opening act to a night spent staring at the ceiling and trying desperately to feel drowsy. If you are one of the millions who find falling asleep each night a challenge and you’re looking for a solution, the National Sleep Foundation suggests that you start by taking a good look at your bedroom. Continue reading

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