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  • Work and Napping – Perfect Together???

    Have you ever gone to work and found yourself lagging somewhere in the middle of the day? Do you know the feeling of wishing that you could just put your head down on your desk for fifteen minutes? As it turns out, not only is that a very common experience, but a lot of big name companies are starting to signal that that’s just fine with them because it makes their employees much more productive.

    Where taking a nap at work was once something that nobody in their right mind could ever have suggested at work, today it’s something that companies are encouraging their workers to do. Why? Because studies have shown that a twenty-minute nap is the most powerful tool available to counter the high level of sleep deprivation that is prevalent in the United States and which has been blamed for $63 billion worth of lost productivity. Continue reading

  • Quick Steps to Improved Sleep

    Getting regular sleep is a goal for everybody – or at least it should be. Though there are millions of people who are struggling with insomnia, sleep disorders, and sleep deprivation, but there are many more who aren’t in dire need of help as much as they simply need an adjustment – the opportunity to resync their systems. Continue reading

  • Effects of Eating on Sleep Deprivation

    There is plenty of research pointing to the fact that those who cheat themselves of sleep are also sabotaging their nutritional health: Lack of sleep can wreak havoc with your ability to choose foods that are healthy, to fight the cravings for high-fat, high sugar snacks, and even to recognize when you’re satiated. But not much is said about whether the process can be reversed. Can making smart food choices help you get a better night of sleep? Continue reading

  • How To Push Back Your Wake Up Time

    Sleep experts say that the magic number for sufficient sleep falls somewhere between seven and nine hours per night, and if you’ve been working hard to fit that into your schedule, you’re not alone. More and more people are paying attention to their physicians’ advice, as well as numerous news reports blaming sleep deprivation for a bevy of physical, cognitive and emotional issues, and are trying to bulk up their sleep quantity and quality. The problem is that it can be hard to find the time, especially for those whose busy work days are followed by busy evenings. Continue reading

  • Early Work Cancels Adequate Sleep

    The earlier we start our work day, whether our work is designed to educate ourselves or to earn money, the less time we spend getting the restorative sleep that we need. That is the latest finding by a group of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania. Their study concludes that in order for us to improve our overall health, consideration should be given to having later work and school start times. Continue reading

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