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  • Helpful Tips for Sleepy Travelers

    Do you love seeing new places but dread the idea of traveling?  If you are someone who simply can’t get enough rest during a trip, then you likely find it hard to have fun when you are always stressed out and exhausted.  There are some helpful tips that can make your trip much more fun, however, as adopting new habits while you travel can ensure that you are as relaxed as possible.

    How Jet Lag Affects Your Body

    Everyone knows that dealing with jet lag is difficult, but many individuals don’t realize that it’s actually tough on the body from a biological standpoint. When you cross time zones on a plane, things are going too fast for your body to adjust. Continue reading

  • How to Get a Better Nights Sleep, One Night at a Time

    Are you finding yourself always wishing that there were more hours in each day?  Unfortunately, there never will be more than 24 hours for us to use, so it’s important to make the most out of each one.  When it comes to taking care of all of the daily chores, our jobs and getting enough sleep, you may find it hard to manage everything at once.  The secret to getting more sleep, however, it fairly easy to learn:  it all comes down to managing your time in a better way, allowing you to get everything done. Continue reading

  • How Sleep Patterns Change as We Age

    If you’ve been having trouble sleeping, or have noticed a change in your sleep patterns, you may be surprised to learn that it’s most likely due to your age.  As we age, our sleep patterns are affected by the changes that go in the body.  Throughout our lives, our sleep patterns change based on what stage of life we are at, and each stage has it’s own characteristics. Continue reading

  • The Effects of Sleep Deprivation

    What is Sleep Deprivation?

    Sleep deprivation is a common concern among those who regularly have trouble sleeping, and those who have occasional trouble sleeping.  While sleep deprivation comes in several different forms based on how long the episode has been occurring and how severe the symptoms are, all types can be detrimental to your long term health and well-being. Continue reading

  • Mattress Buying Guide - Part 3


     How To Find The Best Deal When Buying A New Mattress

    Becoming an informed shopper always works best when making a major purchase, such as new mattress.  Grabbing the first offer that is given is usually not advisable.  These days, it is even easier to do research on a mattress set thanks to the internet.  One thing the internet has done is given voice to millions of consumers.  Not only can a person compare different types and styles of mattresses, they can also read reports and reviews on the products themselves.  Some sites even offer consumers the chance to voice their opinions about the sales associates at various stores! Continue reading

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