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  • Strange Sleep Experiences

    “To sleep perchance to dream,” is a noted part of Prince Hamlet’s famous soliloquy in William Shakespeare’s masterwork Hamlet, and for most of us dreaming is one of the perks of getting a good night’s sleep. But sleep can have several dark sides. Many people suffer from insomnia and are constantly frustrated at their inability to get the rest that they crave, while others suffer from sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea that has them gasping for breath throughout the night, taxing their bodies and causing a myriad of serious health conditions. Continue reading

  • PER, the Alarm Clock Gene

    Many people, but particularly those who stick to a pretty regular schedule when it comes to the time that they’re going to sleep and the time that they’re waking up, have taken note of the fact that they frequently wake up on their own, before the alarm clock that they’ve set for themselves has the chance to sound.  Though they freely acknowledge that they’d rather wake up peacefully on their own rather than to the jarring sound of a buzzer or even music awakening them expectedly, they still find themselves wondering why this is happening. Now scientists have determined exactly how and why this happens. Continue reading

  • A Sleep Experts Take on Sleep App Technology

    The market for sleep apps and sleep-sensing devices is booming, as marketers and software developers alike work hard to take advantage of America’s booming obsession to take control of their sleep shortage. Though many take comfort in the idea of knowing every last aspect of their night-time movements and sounds, a noted sleep scientist urges that people remain realistic about exactly what the new technology is able to deliver and what it cannot.  Continue reading

  • Poor Sleep Patterns Hold Serious Risk

    A new study conducted by researchers from the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute in San Francisco is providing more evidence that poor sleep patterns and disrupted sleep can lead to serious medical problems, most notably loss of memory and concentration equivalent to aging your brain by five years. Continue reading

  • British Study Reveals Serious Sleep Issues

    As every school child in the United States knows, Britain is the country that gave birth to the United States. As America’s parent and closest ally, there are many things that the two countries have in common, and according to a newly released study, that includes one of our worst habits: residents of Britain are short-changing themselves when it comes to sleep. Continue reading

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