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Sleep Technology

  • Gaming Company Entering Consumer Sleep Monitoring

    Nintendo, the company whose name is synonymous with video games and entertainment, has announced that they are working on a new fatigue and sleep deprivation sensor as the first product from their ne health and lifestyle division. According to Nintendo’s chief executive Satoru Iwata, the QOL Sensor will measure all of a person’s vital signs as well as the details of their sleep activities and will deliver them to the cloud. The device will be a bedside unit, and will not require any kind of interaction or to be in contact with the consumer’s body. Continue reading

  • How to Use the Data Your Sleep Tracker Provides

    There are so many fitness trackers on the market today that provide consumers with data on their sleep activity, but not many of them go the extra step of providing an interpretation of the data or a direction in which to go in order to improve upon the sleep that you’re getting. Though it may be interesting to see how many minutes you slept without turning over or what the temperature was in your bedroom while you slept, what is most important is to know what to do with the information that has been gathered. Sleep experts say that in the cases of almost all of the trackers and apps that are out there, the information that’s provided is generic at best, but there are steps you can take and outside information about yourself that you can combine with the data in order to give yourself a good sense of your sleep health and what you need to do to improve it. Continue reading

  • Jawbone Sleep Data Reveals Difference in Cities’ Sleep Habits

    Jawbone, manufacturer of a popular wireless speakers headsets and other consumer technology, has recently broken into the wearable device field, including a popular fitness tracker called “UP” that monitors - among other things - sleep. The company has been collecting some of the data that has come in from its users regarding their sleep habits and has just released it on their company blog, giving the world an interesting look at the amount of sleep that the citizens of the world’s largest cities are getting per night. Continue reading

  • Sleep Trackers Raising Sleep Awareness

    Sleep scientists and physicians have been urging the public to get more sleep, and bemoaning the lack of priority that this important function earns in our daily schedule, but that all may be changing as the popularity of fitness trackers and sleep trackers continue to rise. The sales of these devices, which some view as a novelty, has been booming, and that’s not a bad thing. The more people are realizing how little sleep they are getting, the more attention they are paying to educational materials about how much sleep they need, and they’re starting to take action. Continue reading

  • Sleep Technology Continues to Appeal

    It was news when a sleep-tracking kit called Sense raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter within thirty days of being listed on the crowdfunding platform, but now that the product has been out there for a bit longer, it has reached the level of phenomena. Sense has raised over $1.3 million dollars in investments and preorders for its 22-year old inventor, and shows no signs of stopping. In fact, some say that it will reach over $4 million dollars in funding before it reaches the end of its run.

    The Sense is a sleep monitoring device that has the ability to provide its user with a score of their previous night’s sleep and to wake them up at the optimal point in their sleep cycle. It also distinguishes itself from other sleep monitoring devices that are currently on the market by the fact that it includes a particularly attractive orb that does its monitoring. The actual sensor is attached to the sleeper’s pillow, and the device is completed with a mobile phone app.  Though it isn’t due to be available until November of this year, those who are pre-ordering through Kickstarter are able to purchase it at a discounted price of just $129. Continue reading

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