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Sleep Technology

  • Will an Adjustable Bed Really Change Your Life?

    photos of adjustable air bedOur bed is the most important piece of furniture we own, and a good night’s sleep is a driving factor in making your day as incredible as you know it can be. So why do we fall back on the same old frame and mattress instead of the very best bed on the market?

    Continue reading

  • App Reveals World’s Sleep Habits

    The use of various fitness and sleep apps continues to grow more popular around the world, and there is no end in sight. From downloads on our Android and iPhone devices to separate fitness bands and monitors that have become part of our nightly routines, we seem universally obsessed with quantify everything about our lives, from the calories that we consume and the number of steps that we take to the length of time that we spend in each sleep cycle and what time we wake up in the morning. Despite the fact that we all think of ourselves as extremely tech savvy, few people stop to realize that the information that is being collected and provided back to us is also accessible to the owners and operators of the applications and devices themselves. But it’s true. With the advent of sleep sensor apps, “He knows when you’ve been sleeping” is no longer just the realm of Santa Claus. We’re not saying that the app developers are using the information for nefarious purposes … we’re just sayin’. Continue reading

  • Sleep App Company Introducing Smart Light Bulb

    Misfit has made a name for itself by producing wearables that track a variety of health data and providing consumers with more information than they could ever need about the way they’re conducting their lives and the way that they’re sleeping. Now the company has decided to go beyond tracking and provide a multicolored smart light bulb called the Misfit Bolt which will work collaboratively with its apps to provide you with the best possible lighting for your sleep cycle and sleep needs. Continue reading

  • New Sleep Monitoring Device Arrives on Kickstarter

    Seems like every couple of weeks there’s a new sleep technology being introduced on the Kickstarter site, and this week it’s a wearable that looks different and sounds different too. It’s called BodyEcho, and it promises to provide consumers with a glimpse into the way that they sleep by offering data on their sleep stages, any disturbances that are going on in their room that they may not be aware of, their heart rate, and more. The analysis that it provides is said to be much deeper than the information that is currently being provided by the popular wearables that are worn on the wrist. Continue reading

  • Westin Hotel Takes Sleep to the Next Level

    The Westin Hotel chain has long been known for its Heavenly Bed, a trademarked bit of branding that long preceded the present sleep-conscious trend. To mark the fifteen anniversary of the introduction of the Heavenly Bed, the chain is introducing a new level of sleep servicing with the announcement of a partnership with Lark Technologies to create a Sleep Sensor Wearable-Lending program for guests at certain Westin properties. The program is part of Westin’s year-long Well-Being Movement. Continue reading

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