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Sleep Studies

  • The Benefits of a Chilly Bedroom

    Most people associate a good night’s sleep with being warm and cozy, but studies are beginning to point in the exact opposite direction, suggesting that though our bodies may like the comfort of warm temperatures, our brain seems to lean towards the cold when it’s time to sleep. Some insomniacs have reported getting relief by wearing cooling hats, and a recent sleep study has discovered that the reason that we yawn is to help cool down the brain and get rid of excess heat in preparation for going to sleep. Continue reading

  • Best Way To Stick to Resolutions? Get More Sleep!

    It’s that time of year when gyms fill up with new members sporting the latest headbands and fitness bands and spiffy new workout outfits, their eyes and hearts resolved to get into shape, lose weight, and stick to their New Year’s resolutions. Others are quitting smoking, working on paying more attention to their kids or spouses, pledging to pay down their debts or find themselves better jobs. Whatever the goal that tops your resolutions list this year, research has shown that the best way to give yourself a leg up on achieving your dream is to get more sleep each night. That’s right … cheat yourself of sleep and you’re far more likely to cheat yourself of sticking to your plan too. Continue reading

  • Introducing Feng Shui Into Your Bedroom for A Better Night’s Sleep

    If you’re one of the millions of Americans who struggle to get a good night’s sleep, you have probably pursued a number of different solutions. The choices of sleep therapies seem to expand by the day, with sleep monitoring bracelets, white noise machines, alarm clocks that react to your sleep cycles, and endless variations of relaxation inducing teas hitting the market. Continue reading

  • Sleep Myths and Misunderstandings

    Whether you are eight months old or are in your eighties, you need sleep. Experts say that the average adult requires somewhere between seven and nine hours spent sleeping every single night in order to maintain optimum health and cognitive acuity. As sleep scientists delve deeper into why we sleep, how we sleep and what we can do to make our sleep more effective, they are also rapidly disproving a number of long-standing sleep misconceptions. Here are several sleep myths that have been disproven, and an eye-opening look into the truth behind sleep. Continue reading

  • Countering Our Hectic Days

    If you were to sit down across from your best friends over a pitcher of beer or a glass of wine and play a game of “Can You Top This” about how hectic your day is or what it is that winds you up so much each day that you have a hard time turning your brain off and falling asleep at night, how long would the game go on? Who would win? Continue reading

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