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Sleep Studies

  • Study Shows Specific Brain Stimulation Triggers Deep Sleep

    A large part of sleep research is dedicated to finding the exact part of the brain that is most responsible for our ability to sleep deeply and restoratively. Determining exactly what that area is represents the first step in developing a targeted medication that will truly provide rest for those afflicted with a number of different sleep disorders. Now scientists from the Imperial College London believe that they have pinpointed that region in the brain in mice, and are hopeful that their research will lead to a breakthrough for human insomnia. Continue reading

  • Counting the Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

    Let this be a wake-up call for those who doubt the doctors who keep telling us that we really need to get seven to nine hours of sleep per night: sleep deprivation does very real, very significant damage to the human body and our overall sense of well-being. The more resources that science invests in studying the impact of sleeplessness on the human body, the longer the list of body systems, organs and measures of wellness that are impacted grows. Here is a quick rundown of what is known so far, though as more research is done it is expected that the list will only grow longer. Continue reading

  • More Sleep is Added Benefit to Flexible Schedules

    A study conducted as a collaborative effort by multiple American universities has revealed that improved sleep is an extra added benefit of working a flexible schedule. The study was conducted by researchers at Oregon Health & Science University, Portland State University, Harvard and Penn State among others, and was geared towards determining whether a flexible schedule reduced conflicts between work and family life. The study did not have a goal of improving sleep, yet determined that those who were allowed to work on a flexible schedule added approximately one hour of sleep each week. Continue reading

  • Sleep Well, Stay Healthy

    Remember how when you were younger your mom would tell you that if you let yourself get ‘run down’, you’d be more likely to catch a cold? What made you roll your eyes back then may not actually be so foolish after all. Turns out that mom was right and getting the sleep that your body needs goes a long way towards keeping you healthy and helping your body to heal from illness and injury. Cancer experts urge their patients to get plenty of sleep, and in case you weren’t going to stay in bed when you’re sick, the flu and other viruses do a pretty fair job of keeping you there whether you like it or not. Sometimes, just like mom, your body knows best. Continue reading

  • Researchers Discover Role of Circadian Rhythm in Skin Aging

    The body’s circadian rhythm is a well known driver of such important processes as the sleep/wake cycle, when we feel hunger, and how efficiently our metabolism operates. However, little is known about the role that it plays in the maintenance and healing of our skin. But researchers from the University of California Irvine have recently taken on an inquiry into the role of the rhythm in the functioning of skin stem cells, their cycles and division. Continue reading

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