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Sleep News

  • You can really learn in your sleep

    Ever since people went about the process of consciously trying to learn and remember things, they have wished for the ability to enhance their retention while they sleep. People were cajoled into purchasing books on tape that purportedly would help them learn foreign languages in their sleep, and many a student pulling an all nighter has wished for a way that they could grab a late night nap and still do some information cramming. Continue reading

  • Major Health Insurer to Open Sleep Store

    Highmark Inc., one of the largest health insurers in the country, has announced plans to open a retail store dedicated to helping people get a better night’s sleep.

    Highmark is the fourth-largest company affiliated with insurance giant Blue Cross and Blue Shield. It operates plans in Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia that serve a total of over 5 million members. The company provides health insurance, dental, insurance, and vision care, and the new sleep store — to be called REMWorks — is the first bricks and mortar retail location that it will operate, though the company does also run a retail store that sells vision and eyewear products. It is slated to open this coming December at a popular shopping location called The Waterfront, located in Homestead, Pennsylvania. The store will provide customers with solutions and products specifically designed to assist with the problems of insomnia, sleep apnea, snoring and sleeplessness. Continue reading

  • Believing these Myths Could Cost You Valuable Sleep

    If you’re trying to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep then you’re not alone. With more and more studies being published every day about how important it is to get high quality rest, people are turning in earlier and turning to high-tech devices to give them a leg up. But sometimes adding new behaviors isn’t as important as doing away with old ones, or getting your head straight on mistaken beliefs that you’ve been carrying around with you. In the interest of helping you get a better night’s sleep, here are several sleep myths that you need to be on the right side of. Continue reading

  • Project Sleep Introduces New Infographic

    Project Sleep is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the mission of raising awareness about the importance of sleep and the risks of sleep disorders. The group accomplishes their goal through a number of public campaigns aimed at education and empowerment, and hopes to earn sleep the recognition that it deserves as one of the integral pillars of human health alongside exercise and good nutrition.

    Campaigns that the group sponsors run the gamut from events regarding narcolepsy to Sleep Walks that are held all over the country to bring people in the community together to celebrate the importance of sleep. The group also has created an informative website that is a valuable resource for understanding sleep health, getting information on a variety of sleep disorders, and informing people about where they can go for additional help regarding sleep.  Continue reading

  • Sleep Deprivation Most Common Among Low-Income Workers

    It seems as though every day we are reading another story about a high-powered executive man or woman who sings their own praises and powers regarding how little sleep they need or get. The idea of the successful entrepreneur grabbing a couple of hours of sleep under their desk or the tales of Margaret Thatcher and Thomas Edison requiring fewer than four hours of rest per night have traditionally been held up as examples of how hard work equates to success.

    Science has been telling us that this type of sleep deprivation is incredibly unhealthy, and the message has been getting across. More and more companies are trying to send the message that sleep is as critical as nutrition and exercise, and corporations are starting to install nap rooms and encourage employees to take breaks and get outside into the fresh air in order to keep them healthy and focused.  Continue reading

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