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Sleep News

  • Employer Tips for Healthier, More Productive Employees

    A recent survey indicated that the American workplace loses billions of dollars in productivity to sleep deprivation and worker fatigue. Though the idea of encouraging employees to work less and sleep more may be anathema to CEOs and management everywhere, it may be time to wake up and smell the coffee about the losses being incurred as a result of exhaustion and burnout.

    Napping and working to invigorate employees is not actually all that new. Albert Einstein is famous for his naps, and so was Ronald Reagan. Though some may choose to point to Thomas Edison or Margaret Thatcher and their famous twenty-hour days as the pinnacle of efficiency, but sleep experts say that there are few people who fall into the category of short sleepers who can thrive on limited sleep. The rest of the population needs between seven and nine hours of sleep per night, but in our demanding work environment challenged by family and social obligations, few are able to get what they need. Continue reading

  • New Earplug Prototype Offers Promise For Light Sleepers

    Seems as if every day there is another product appearing on the market that is specifically targeting people who are having a tough time getting to sleep. The latest entry is a product still in production that just blew threw its Kickstarter funding goal. It’s a pair of smart earphones slated to be sold under the moniker Hush, and they are unlike anything else that’s on the market today. Continue reading

  • skipping sleep?? consider the risks

    We live in a hectic and demanding world, and far too many among us find ourselves having to make tough choices in order to get to everything that we want to. Unfortunately, one of the first things that we tend to sacrifice in an attempt to fit everything else in is our recommended daily amount of sleep. Sleeping a full eight hours feels like a luxury, especially when you consider all of the fun or important or pressing things that could be being taken care of when we’re just lying there in bed. Continue reading

  • How To Sleep With A Snorer

    According to a recently-conducted survey one third of adults say that their sleep problems are directly connected to their spouse keeping them awake or waking them up, and in most cases they’re doing it with their snoring. Continue reading

  • Sleep and Worker Reliability

    As sleep continues to command more and more attention in the news media, businesses are paying closer attention. Some are seeing the talk and trend as a revenue opportunity. They’re jumping on the sleep bandwagon and providing avid consumers with a bevy of devices and solutions promising to solve their sleep problems and improve their sleep quality. Companies are marketing sleep monitors, white noise machines, specialized eye masks and high-tech beds and pillows. Continue reading

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