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Sleep News

  • This Coffee Will Put You Right to Sleep

    Anybody who has ever struggled with insomnia knows that one of the cardinal rules of getting a good night’s sleep is to stay away from coffee — even decaf varieties can spell trouble for those who are particularly sensitive to caffeine. But now a company called Counting Sheep Coffee has introduced a new java that claims to let coffee lover have their cup and sleep a bit too. The company offers an unusual blend of decaf beans combined with a whopping 176 milligrams of valerian root, an herbal sleep remedy that is said to be a natural sedative. Continue reading

  • New Spending Bill Rolls Back Trucking Rules

    One of the top concerns of safety advocates around the country has long been drowsy driving, and this is of particular concern when it comes to the drivers who operate tractor trailers on our nation’s highways. These mammoth vehicles carry a great deal of additional risk for the simple reason of their sheer size, but because drivers are often under deadline stress and pressure from their owners, many drive with too little sleep, greatly increasing the likelihood of deadly accidents. Continue reading

  • Sleep Woes Not Limited to the United States

    Though we tend to focus our attention on problems occurring right here in the United States, there may be some comfort in knowing that we are not alone in our need for more rest. Industrialized countries around the world are raising the alarm about the need for more sleep, and the latest among these is Australia. Continue reading

  • How Bedtimes Impact Exercise

    Does this sound familiar? You’re heading out to work, bleary-eyed and wishing you could have stayed under the covers, only to shake your head at the sight of one of your neighbors out jogging in the early morning light. No? Maybe you’re that neighbor who got up at the crack of dawn, full of energy and intent on getting your exercise in before heading off to the rest of your day? Continue reading

  • Emotional Intelligence and Its Relation to Sleep

    Travis Bradberry is an expert in the field of emotional intelligence. He provides testing and training to three out of four Fortune 500 companies and has authored the popular book Emotional Intelligence 2.0. The book posits the theory that though emotional intelligence is a critical predictor of job performance, only one in three employees are aware of their own emotions as they arise. When Bradberry talks about factors contributing to emotional intelligence, corporations listen, and he has recently been talking a great deal about its relationship with getting a good night’s sleep. Continue reading

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