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Sleep Medication

  • Do Over-The-Counter Sleep Aids Really Work?

    If you’ve found yourself struggling to fall asleep over the last few days, then you’re probably getting really frustrated. There’s nothing quite like the sensation of struggling to get through the day because you’re so tired, only to find that once you finally climb under our covers and get your head on the pillow, you’re just as wide awake as you’ve been the last few nights. It’s natural to look for help, and the local pharmacy definitely offers plenty of sleep aids, but it is important that you understand what you’re taking before you go that route, so let’s take a closer look. Continue reading

  • The Sleeping Pill Decision

    For the millions of people who struggle every night with insomnia, the question of whether or not to seek help from prescription sleep aids is a big one. At first glance it might seem like an easy decision – after all, what could be easier? You take a pill before you go to bed and then you’re able to fall asleep easily and sleep through the night. Almost seems like a no brainer. But the truth is that sleeping pills have a long history of negative side effects, and many people who take them become addicted to them, unable to sleep without them. That’s a risk that some people aren’t sure that they should take. To them, many sleep specialists and physicians say, you need to figure out whether the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Continue reading

  • Sleep Aids and Other Medications Increase Alzheimer’s Risk

    Many people who struggle with getting a good night’s sleep often turn to a variety of old-fashioned remedies and over-the-counter medications for help, before eventually asking their physician for assistance in the form of a prescription medication. But a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has raised serious questions about the long-term effect of those sleep aids, as well as of several popular hayfever remedies and antidepressants. The study has caused concern that there is a higher risk of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease if you take these medications at high doses over a period of several years. Continue reading

  • Understanding Your Sleep Medication Options

    With sleep deprivation at epidemic levels in the United States, people are searching for ways to get the rest that they need. Though most sleep specialists believe that sleeping pills should only be used for brief periods of time and prefer that patients try to find and treat the cause of their sleeplessness, they also understand that there are some times when people simply need to turn to medication. If you are considering discussing sleeping aids with your physician, it’s a good idea to know what your different options are. Keep in mind that though each of the medications listed below is commonly used to treat sleeplessness, of the options presented below only the first three have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration specifically for the treatment of insomnia. The others are medications created to treat other conditions that some physicians prescribe for their sedative properties. Continue reading

  • Sleep Doctor Identifies Failures in Sleep Medications

    When people are having a hard enough time falling asleep that they seek medical help, they are usually looking for an easy answer, and all too often that comes in the form of a pill. Joan Rossman is a classic example of the type – a psychotherapist, Rossman found herself unable to fall asleep, and when she did fall asleep easily she would wake up far earlier than she wanted to and find herself unable to fall back to sleep. “Whether I was preoccupied or excited, it played out in my sleep patterns. I would awaken just exhausted. I knew something was not right,” she said. Continue reading

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