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Sleep Disorders

  • The Snorer & The Snoree

    Did you know that one of the top complaints cited as causing serious marital strife is snoring?  It seems hard to believe that the noise we make while we’re asleep would rank right up there with money and infidelity, but it’s true, and it’s an indication of just how important getting a good night’s sleep is to our quality of life.

    So, if you’re in a relationship where one of you is a snorer and the other is the victim of your snoring, there are steps that you can each take to make life easier and to preserve your partnership. Understanding why the snorer snores is a start – it’s as simple as the fact that the

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  • Snoring and Sleep Apnea

    Though snoring is often pictured during cartoons and situation comedies as a humorous event, the truth is that beyond the first few minutes, there is nothing funny about it. Snoring can be an annoyance that has an impact on the relationship between sleep partners, and it can be a signal of a much more serious problem that requires medical attention.  One way or another, it is a signal that something is not working the way that it’s supposed to. Continue reading

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