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  • The Proper Sleep Position to Get the Very Best Rest

    best sleep position for your jointsThe symphony of crackling joints in the morning is almost as universal as the beacon-like capabilities of the aroma of fresh coffee. With the proper sleep position, you can do away with the hunched back and tilted neck allowing you to finally walk upright to the coffee pot to get your morning off to the strong start you deserve.

    Find out the best sleep position for the most common sleep situations!

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  • Pillow Talk

    Though there is a wealth of information available to consumers about when and how to go about purchasing a new mattress, little is said about that other important sleep tool – the pillow. We all may love our pillows, and children can be seen toting them through airports and on car rides across the country, but few of us realize that experts say that we should be replacing them as frequently as every six months. Who knew? According to Robert Oexman, DC, director of the Sleep to Live Institute, though we may be attached to our pillows and associate them with comfort, we should never hold on to them for more than a year or two maximum. Though they don’t break down or lose their usefulness in the way that mattresses can after a period of years, they simply can absorb all sorts of germs and dirt. “People talk about how nasty a mattress gets,” Oexman says, but when it comes to a pillow, “it’s just not something you want to be around longer than six months.” Continue reading

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