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  • Understanding the Regenerative Qualities of Sleep

    Sleep is largely underrated. We tend to think of it as just another bodily need without truly appreciating the tremendous nourishment that our bodies and souls get from a good night of sleep. Even more important than a single night is the ability to consistently sleep well over the course of a lifetime, and much of that ability has to do with understanding exactly how much nourishment sleep provides, and appreciating the difference that it can make. By switching our understanding of sleep as some sort of obligation to recognizing it as doing something nurturing and strengthening, we change our entire perspective, and find ourselves looking forward to the gift that it provides us each night. Continue reading

  • You Might Be Sleep Deprived If ….

    Research has shown that sleep deprivation is something that we generally cannot recognize in ourselves. Our conscious brains think that we are managing just fine when we are actually cognitively and physically impaired, and that means that we are posing a risk to ourselves and those around us when we get behind the wheel or operate heavy machinery, and are putting ourselves out into the world when we are more impaired than if we were legally drunk. Continue reading

  • How Well Are You Really Sleeping?

    Ask most people how they slept and they’ll either tell you that they had a horrible night’s sleep or else that they slept great …. Most aren’t aware if their sleep was actually interrupted, or that they didn’t get anywhere near the amount of sleep that they think they did. Most people calculate their sleep time based upon when they climb into bed or turn out the light, but they may actually take an hour to fall asleep, or wake up well before their alarm or at some point in the middle of the night, bringing the seven hours that they thought they had gotten down to a more legitimate five or six. Continue reading

  • Helping The Elderly to Sleep

    There are a remarkable number of similarities between infancy and the elderly, and one of them is the difficulty in sleeping though the night. Infants awaken frequently because they need to eat — there is no doubt about their need for sleep. And yet when the elderly complain of not being able to sleep through the night we tend to think that as we age we need less sleep instead of assuming that – same as with young children – we are being awoken by the impact of needing to go to the bathroom or because of medications or illness. Continue reading

  • San Francisco Giants Believe Sleep is the Key to Winning

    It’s World Series time, and for the third time in the past five years, the San Francisco Giants have been in the playoffs. As this year’s National League contender, the team has once again pulled out all the stops to ensure that they are doing everything in their power to win, and once again that includes bringing in sleep expert Dr. Chris Winter. Winter is the medical director of the Martha Jefferson Hospital Sleep Medicine Center in Charlottesville, Virginia, and Giants’ athletic director Dave Groeschner is a huge fan. The Giants have consulted with Dr. Winter each time that they have been in post-season play, and were the very first professional team to ever call on him. Many others have followed their lead. Continue reading

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