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  • Olympian Discusses The Importance of a Good Bed

    As the 2014 Winter Olympics begins in Sochi, one American ice skater has gone to great lengths to make sure that he gets the good night of sleep that he needs in order to ensure his competitive edge. Jeremy Abbott brought his own bed. Continue reading

  • Mattress Pads and Mattress Toppers

    Many people think that once they’ve purchased a mattress they have everything they need … throw a fresh set of sheets and a couple of pillows on top and they’re all set. But with your mattress representing one of the bigger investments that you will make, it’s a good idea to take the time and spend a little bit more to protect it.  By purchasing a mattress pad, a mattress topper or some kind of encasement you are not only providing yourself with an insurance policy against all of the stains and dirt that can impact the look of a mattress but you may also actually add to its useful life.  Mattress protectors come in a variety of materials and are sold for a wide array of purposes, including increasing a mattress’ ability to retard flame, repel bed bugs, resist allergens and dust and even microbes. Others are simply designed to add to your bed’s overall comfort. Continue reading

  • Caring for your mattress, old and new

    If you’ve just purchased a new mattress, congratulations!  A mattress is a real investment in your health and the quality of your life, and it is important that you know exactly how to care for it in order to protect it for the full length of its useful life.  It is also important that when you’re about to put the new mattress in place, you know how to get rid of your old one.  Here is some helpful advice for disposing of your old mattress. Continue reading

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