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  • Anatomy of The Perfect Bed

    See if this sounds familiar to you: You’re away from home, whether for business or pleasure, and you’re staying in a hotel room that’s beautifully decorated. The room’s appointments are lovely in every way, but it’s the bed that is clearly the centerpiece. It is inviting to look at, and once you settle in for the night you are astounded by the sense of comfort and luxury that envelops you once you crawl under the covers. This is true in almost every luxury level hotel room. Is it magic? Is the answer all about an incredibly expensive mattress? Or is there some kind of formula that can be replicated in your own home to provide the same kind of experience? Continue reading

  • How to Purchase a Mattress

    Going mattress shopping can be an intimidating experience. Part of that may be due to the way that you’ve been treated in mattress stores before – mattress sales people have earned an unfortunate reputation for being overly enthusiastic and aggressive, and have often been compared to used car salesmen. There are a number of reasons that people find mattress shopping so confusing. Right off the bat there is the problem with product names that sound so similar to one another that it becomes nearly impossible to make a distinction from brand to brand. Another problem is that there is so much technical information about the materials that the mattresses are made of and the number of coils that are available per inch that you feel like you need a PhD to understand what you’re looking at. Finally, the prices are so wide-ranging and the decorations on the beds themselves are so distracting that it seems impossible to tell a good bed from a bad one or a good buy from a ripoff.  Continue reading

  • Have an Aching Back? Find a Better Mattress!

    It’s been estimated that at any given moment there are 31 million Americans suffering from back pain. About half of working adults in the United States say that they have had some kind of back pain during the year, and pain in the back is one of the most common reasons that people miss work, and the second most common reason for people to go to see their doctor – the only malady more common is the common cold. If you are among those who suffer from back pain, then finding a mattress that suits your particular sleeping style and any injuries or problems you may have simply makes sense, but most people don’t know what they should be looking for to help with their specific issue. Continue reading

  • Sleep – The Elusive Essential

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have called sleep deprivation a health epidemic, and there are countless articles written by experts decrying the national tendency to place work, social life, and even video games and movie-watching ahead of sleep as a priority. Though that is certainly happening in a large number of American households, there are also plenty of homes where people who are unable to get to sleep would gladly trade places with those people who are actually making the conscious not to.  Continue reading

  • How Your Mattress Really Does Make a Difference

    People who are loath to purchase a new mattress generally point to the expense involved as their excuse for holding off, but they really should take a look at their priorities. Those very same people would probably never consider going out for a run without making sure that they had a decent pair of running shoes that provide them with the right type of support, or going scuba diving without their oxygen tanks properly filled. When it comes to sleeping, our mattresses are our most important piece of equipment for an activity that we spend approximately one third of our lives on. Seems like the investment might be worth it.  Continue reading

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