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  • Techniques for Treating Insomnia

    There are a wide variety of treatments that have been used to treat primary insomnia. Though each has its own merits, the most effective way of eliminating insomnia and restoring normal sleep is usually a combination of many, if not all of the general techniques. We’ll all include a number of alternative treatments that, though not scientifically proven, have provided relief for some.

    Sleep Hygiene

    Think of improving sleep hygiene as something akin to the same effort that is put into dental hygiene. We brush our teeth, floss, pay attention to the foods that we eat and visit the dentist regularly – few of us would purposely choose skipping any of these steps, yet we relegate sleep to a second or third choice after work and social activities – or even the late, late show. The steps that need to be taken to improve sleep hygiene are holistic and encompass both eliminating stimulants like coffee or tea from our diet and improving our attention to our sleep schedule. It also includes making sure that you are sleeping in an appropriate environment, with temperature set appropriately, lights and noise turned down and all distractions eliminated.  Continue reading

  • Insomnia: Its Dangers and its Causes

    The importance of getting enough sleep cannot be stressed strongly enough: when a person suffers from sleep deprivation they are operating at an extreme disadvantage in terms of happiness and mental acuity, and if their sleep debt builds for more than a few days the dangers of something disastrous happening increase dramatically.  Unfortunately, just as sleep is one of the first things that people are willing to sacrifice when it comes to a tug of war between social or work obligations and getting enough rest, the same lack of understanding of sleep’s importance can mean that a person who experiences repeated bouts of insomnia dismisses the problem as insignificant. When insomnia strikes for more than a few days, it is essential that its cause is found and it is treated. Continue reading

  • The Three Types of Insomnia

    Insomnia is, quite simply, a condition in which we don’t get enough sleep. Sometimes it is a matter of not being able to fall asleep. Sometimes it is a matter of awakening too soon, after too little sleep. And other times it is a matter of the sleep that we are actually getting being less than what we need, or what we feel we need.

    Insomnia that is caused by a known stimulus, such as a medication that we are taking, is easily cured – simply discontinuing the medication will generally resolve the insomnia. But insomnia that sets us to tossing and turning comes in three different forms, and it is helpful in understanding the condition to recognize the three types. Continue reading

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