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Air Beds

  • Mattress Buying Guide - Part 1


    Most people use their beds for a variety of activities; from watching television to reading to simply relaxing, the bed can be the focal point around which daily activities revolve.  Despite the fact that a person spends a third of their life asleep, the quality of their mattress is low on the list of concerns.  If a full night's sleep leaves a person fatigued, stiff and sore when they wake in the morning, it might be time to start shopping for a mattress.  Continue reading

  • Specialty bedding provides higher sleep satisfaction

    Specialty sleep products tend to provide higher overall satisfaction according to the article sourced below. With specialty sleep products like the Boyd Night Air line more affordable than ever, it's a good time to be a consumer looking for a good night's sleep


    What's the best type of mattress to buy? I wish I had a dollar (or two) for every time someone has asked me that.

    My answer, of course, is that there are many great mattresses on the market and that the real question is: What's the best mattress for your needs and your price range? Continue reading

  • Boyd Specialty Sleep adds new Air Bed Lines

    AT THE MARKET - Boyd Specialty Sleep comes to this market with a full hand of bedding introductions as it expands its presence in the specialty sleep arena.
    The St. Louis-based company is making its first ultra-premium line extension in its Natural Flex collections, is adding two new Lux Aire beds, is introducing a value-based collection designed for use with the company's patented Sleep Metrics retail program, and is offering new lines and additions in its "occasional use" mattress collections.  Continue reading

  • Don't Be Overwhelmed By Air Bed "Features"

    The choice of air beds can be a bit overwhelming...from the simple two chamber design to air beds offering multiple, sophisticated features. But how do you know what features are worth paying for, and which features are just marketing hype.Simple. If the feature does nothing to improve or increase your enjoyment of your new air bed, then it is hype.

    For example - The leading air bed manufacturer uses a stiff rail of foam placed head to foot in the center of their two chamber air beds. Called an "I-Beam", and described as an added feature, many manufacturers suggest this "feature" is actually a design flaw. Without the I-Beam, a user will sink into the middle of the bed. However, the addition of the I-Beam has caused many consumers to complain about the "hump" in the middle of the air bed. The "hump" effect usually occurs when the air bed is at a lower (softer) setting and the air chamber(s) sink lower than the center I-Beam.

    We believe that the best air bed is one that offers a logical mattress design, made with quality components that are known to last. So, rather then getting overwhelmed by the hype and with things like a "Sleep Number®", or thinking that a presentation from a celebrity on TV makes one air bed better than another, consider that the most expensive air bed out there is not necessarily the best, by any means!

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