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Air Beds

  • Sleep Number Downsizes its Price

    Early in the year 2014, at an event known as CES 2014, Sleep Number made a big splash by rolling out its latest product: smart beds. Combining the best of their original design with the newest technology that is being used in a number of sleep monitoring applications and devices, the beds had built-in sensors that would provide the consumer with feedback about their vitals, the temperature in the room, the amount of movement that was being registered in the bed over the course of an evening, all with an eye to providing valuable information about the quality of sleep that was being experienced and what kind of improvements might be made. Unfortunately, the technology was accompanied by a hefty price tag, with the X12 model coming in at $6,000. Understandably, a lot of consumers that may have been interested in the bells and whistles were turned off by the price.

    Now Sleep Number has announced that they are producing a more basic level of the X12 technology that will have a price of just $1,000. Although that is still a relatively high number for a mattress, it is well within the realm of what high quality mattresses are selling for in the United States, and considering the technology that the mattress offers, it may prove to be appealing for consumers who are growing increasingly concerned about getting the rest that they need, as well as the biophysical feedback that is becoming more and more popular. Continue reading

  • What You Need From a Bed

    These days, shopping for a mattress can be as complicated as shopping for a car – and if you’re not careful, it can be just as expensive too. One of the most luxurious options available comes with bells and whistles that you may have never heard of – and that you probably don’t really need – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t dream… or dream on it. Continue reading

  • Sleep Differences

    Even though sleep is a universal human need, with everybody requiring an average of eight hours of sleep, there are substantial differences between the ways that different people sleep, the amount of sleep that each person actually needs, and the way that sleep (or lack thereof) impacts them. Some of these differences are just an inborn variation similar to a personality type, with no known explanation for why people are the way they are. Some are age related, some are based upon gender. It is important to remember that these biologically-driven traits are not something to be judgmental about - there is no right or wrong way to sleep, unless it is having an impact on your health. Continue reading

  • Mattress Buying Guide - Part 3


     How To Find The Best Deal When Buying A New Mattress

    Becoming an informed shopper always works best when making a major purchase, such as new mattress.  Grabbing the first offer that is given is usually not advisable.  These days, it is even easier to do research on a mattress set thanks to the internet.  One thing the internet has done is given voice to millions of consumers.  Not only can a person compare different types and styles of mattresses, they can also read reports and reviews on the products themselves.  Some sites even offer consumers the chance to voice their opinions about the sales associates at various stores! Continue reading

  • Mattress Buying Guide - Part 2

    Determining The Best Mattress For The Way You Sleep

    One thing that people seldom consider when shopping for a mattress is in what position they sleep at night.  This is one of the most important questions a sleeper can ask themselves, but it can be difficult to determine as it can be difficult for a person to observe themselves while they sleep.  When it is time to shop for a new mattress, it is important to pay attention to the position of the body as the sleeper is lying while trying to get comfortable for a night's sleep.  Important clues can also be noted by being attentive to the body's position when the alarm goes off in the morning. Continue reading

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