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Air Beds

  • The Challenge of Buying a Mattress Online

    Today many consumers do almost all of their shopping online. This may be a matter of convenience or of necessity depending upon the specifics of a situation, but whatever the reason there is no doubt that there are very few things that can’t be found and purchased with the press of a tablet, iPhone or computer button these days.

    Mattresses are one of the most surprising items that have become popular as online purchases. Though the process is no doubt less time consuming and uncomfortable than lying down on a series of beds in a public showroom, and avoids the pitfalls and discomfort that can come from dealing with aggressive mattress salespeople, buying online completely eliminates the possibility of knowing what it feels like to actually lie down on the mattress. Continue reading

  • Anxious? Moody? Try Getting to Bed Earlier!

    Moms and dads worldwide are well aware that the later their kids stay up at night, the tougher the following morning is going to be, and the rest of the day as well. Now researchers at Binghamton University have put science behind the anecdotes and have confirmed that the less sleep you get and the later you stay up, the greater your chances of days filled with worry and negativity. Continue reading

  • How Lighting effects your sleep

    Being able to get a good night’s sleep makes an important difference in how you feel the next day. It helps you think clearly and perform well on both physical and mental tasks, and getting enough sleep on a regular basis is important for your overall health and well being. But all too often we do small things that interfere with our ability to sleep. You know what I’m talking about – little things like having a cup of coffee too late in the afternoon, or staying up and playing on our electronic devices far too late. But chances are your list of self-defeating activities doesn’t include something that most people are doing — getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and switching on the light along the way. Continue reading

  • Back Problems? Buy a Better Mattress!

    There is no question that the mattress that you’re sleeping on can be either an advantage or a disadvantage if you are suffering from back pain. Different mattresses provide different levels and types of support, and though mattress comfort is a matter of personal preference, it is also something that can be guided by research and real data. There is a great deal of information available on selecting the right type of mattress for your specific type of pain, as well as on sleep positions that may be helping or hurting.

    It is also important to keep in mind that your ability to sleep comfortably may be impacted by factors other than your mattress, including any medications that you may be taking, any personal habits such as napping or the use of electronic devices that may be interrupting your ability to sleep, the use of caffeine, alcohol or tobacco, stress, and a variety of sleep disorders. If you are considering purchasing a new mattress, be sure that you have addressed all of these issues before you make a big investment that you think a new mattress will solve. Though the purchase of the right kind of new mattress can provide tremendous relief of pain you may be experiencing, it is also important to seek medical attention to determine whether you have a physical problem that needs treatment from a physician.  Switching mattresses may provide more comfort and an alleviation of pain, but it is not a cure.  Continue reading

  • Sleep Number Downsizes its Price

    Early in the year 2014, at an event known as CES 2014, Sleep Number made a big splash by rolling out its latest product: smart beds. Combining the best of their original design with the newest technology that is being used in a number of sleep monitoring applications and devices, the beds had built-in sensors that would provide the consumer with feedback about their vitals, the temperature in the room, the amount of movement that was being registered in the bed over the course of an evening, all with an eye to providing valuable information about the quality of sleep that was being experienced and what kind of improvements might be made. Unfortunately, the technology was accompanied by a hefty price tag, with the X12 model coming in at $6,000. Understandably, a lot of consumers that may have been interested in the bells and whistles were turned off by the price.

    Now Sleep Number has announced that they are producing a more basic level of the X12 technology that will have a price of just $1,000. Although that is still a relatively high number for a mattress, it is well within the realm of what high quality mattresses are selling for in the United States, and considering the technology that the mattress offers, it may prove to be appealing for consumers who are growing increasingly concerned about getting the rest that they need, as well as the biophysical feedback that is becoming more and more popular. Continue reading

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