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Adjustable Bed Buyer's Guide

If you’re considering investing in an adjustable bed, you’re not alone. Though once considered only appropriate for hospital patients or the infirm, adjustable beds are rapidly growing in popularity among those who are looking for enhanced comfort and practicality in the bedroom; they allow a much more enjoyable experience for those who like to read, watch television or movies, or work on a laptop or iPad in bed.  Adjustable beds are made up of two components, the mattress and the base that it rests on, and it is important that you do your due diligence when it comes to purchasing both. Here are some tips on selecting an adjustable base that will serve you well for years to come.

Be Aware of Your Mattress Needs 

Where adjustable beds were once unsightly, noisy, mechanical contraptions made of hard metal surfaces and operated with hand cranks and foot pedals, today they are available in hundreds of different looks and configurations.  The choices that you need to make begin with the mattress itself, as certain mattress materials and constructions do not marry well with adjustable bases.  The mattress selection may actually be the most difficult part of the process, as the surface that you sleep on plays a large role in the quality of your rest and you need to make sure that you can find a mattress that not only meets your sleep needs but will also be able to bend along with the adjustable base.

Sleep Strategy The Mattress is the first place to start when it comes to a smart sleep strategy

If you are one who prefers traditional coil mattresses, you may want to reconsider the idea of an adjustable bed, which generally bends in two different spots – a function that coil mattresses can rarely accommodate. Other mattress types, such as air bed mattresses or foam mattresses, must be designed specifically for adjustable bases so that the air bladders or density will accommodate the required fold.

Look for High Quality Materials 

Another important consideration is the actual construction and quality of the adjustable base itself. Though there are a number of beds on the market to choose from, the bed bases that are the highest quality and that will provide the most comfort and durability are those that are made of quality materials and that show clear signs of expert workmanship. The frame will be made of heavy duty steel that can stand up to a heavy load and years of wear and tear. The rollers will be made of materials that are strong and resilient, preferably made of nylon which reduces the friction that can wear out a moving part made of metal or wood. Nylon also offers the benefit of eliminating the noise that is considered a given with many adjustable bed bases.

Adjustable Bed Bases Should be Maintenance Free 

Though an adjustable bed is an appliance, it is different from any other as it is the product that you rely on every night to provide you with the restorative sleep that you need to function well each and every day. You want to make sure that it is reliable and maintenance free, requiring no additional effort from you and no calls for service from the bed dealer.  You also want to feel confident that it will be safe – that moving parts behave in a way that is predictable and smooth, and even that in the instance of a power outage it returns to its flat position to enable you to get out of the bed easily when the lights are out or in case of an emergency.

Investigate your Installation Options

Adjustable Bed Remote Consumers will appreciate the extra functions that many adjustable beds offer. One of the more popular extras is massage functionality

Adjustable beds can be heavy duty pieces of equipment; if you are looking for something that is sturdy and has a wide array of features then you will want to ensure that the company that you purchase it from will provide you with help installing it, and possibly moving it for you if you relocate. If however you prefer to start with something that is relatively lightweight and easily transportable, take the time to research the experiences of others who have purchased the product; you may find by reading online reviews that the instructions that come with bases that you assemble for yourself are difficult to understand or inaccurate, leading to a good deal of frustration.

Get a Bed with a Good Warranty 

An adjustable bed base, particularly one that is made of high quality materials and that has a number of state-of-the-art features, is a product that represents a sizable investment, and as such it should come with a comprehensive warranty, including coverage for onsite labor, parts and technical support. Most problems with adjustable base beds materialize within the first few months of ownership, so though a warranty should cover parts for twenty years, you want to make sure that there is at least six months to a year of labor coverage and support.  Again, it is worth your time to do some internet research into a specific bed manufacturer or dealer to see whether they get positive or negative reviews for quality and service.

Style is Important 

Where adjustable base beds were once utilitarian objects designed to accommodate those who were unable to sit up in bed themselves or who were restricted in their movements, today they are viewed as luxury items designed to enhance a relaxed lifestyle. Couples young and old purchase them, as do singles, and as a result they are now available in a wide array of designs, materials and sizes. Most bases are made to conceal the bed’s inner workings, so that motors, cords and flex points are either invisible or seamlessly hidden. When shopping for an adjustable base bed look to the kind of attention to detail that shows a pride in workmanship and a recognition of the fact that the bed is a lifestyle choice and you will find yourself with a product that provides you with years of satisfaction and pleasure.

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