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Monthly Archives: August 2013

  • More Sleep Strategies that Work

    Many of the physical problems that disrupt sleep have been fodder for situation comedies. The husband who snores or has to get out of bed to go to the bathroom is often cause for laughter, when in reality they may represent a serious health concern. The same holds true for sleepwalking. Though sleepwalking in children is neither uncommon nor serious, in adults it represents a potentially dangerous situation. Adult sleepwalkers are trying to act out their dreams, and may become violent, attempt to drive or climb out windows or doors. It is important that medical attention is sought immediately, whether the problem is chronic or a recent development. Medication and therapies are available and effective. Continue reading

  • Sleeping Better Tips 6-10

    There are a number of difficulties and physical problems that can occur during the time that we are supposed to be sleeping, and snoring is probably the most common and the most disruptive.  If you snore, there are a number of techniques you can try that have been shown to minimize the problem, including cutting out alcohol, losing weight, and avoiding sleeping on your back by sewing a tennis ball or other three dimensional item into the back of your pajama top.  When these simple home remedy approaches fail, doctors may offer alternatives including surgical procedures that open up the airway or appliances that force your jaw or tongue into proper position. Continue reading

  • 50 Ways to Sleep Better Series #1-5

    Sleep is universal, but it is also extremely individual. Everybody has an amount of sleep that they need in order to wake up feeling refreshed and to be able to function during their waking hours without drowsiness or dozing off. It’s important to understand that if there is a difference between the amount of sleep that you need and the amount that your friend, relative or partner needs, it doesn’t mean that either of you are wrong or that there’s something wrong with you. The healthiest thing that you can do is to stop worrying about other people, figure out the right amount of sleep for you, and make sure that that’s the amount you get. Continue reading

  • What are Dreams?

    Dreams have played multiple different roles throughout history. Early kings of ancient times hired special interpreters to decipher their dreams in order to assist them in their rule, and today many still believe dreams hold predictive and interpretive qualities that can shine credence on real life situations. Prophetic dreams are often the most commonly thought of, but many dreamers experience an array of visions that can range on a scale from arousing to terrifying, be seen in color or black and white, and can either be remembered vividly or vaguely, with only specific images being recalled during waking hours.

    Continue reading

  • Sleep Strategies that Work

    For millions of people, a good night's rest seems beyond the realm of possibility.  Instead, these people suffer throughout the day from sleep-deprivation and fatigue, hoping that loud music, coffee or energy drinks will get them through the day.  Unfortunately, these tactics can lead to another night filled with restless, disturbed sleep and the vicious cycle starts anew the following morning.  For people who suffer from this depressing, depressive cycle of restless nights and lethargic, sleepy days, slight changes in lifestyle can lead to a host of successful sleep strategies. Continue reading

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