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Pressure feree comfort and support
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Adjustable Number Beds
for Customized Support

Is your current mattress pressuring you? If you wake up sore and tired it could be because your mattress is not providing proper support. A too firm mattress can press against your body. The discomfort from this pressure build up causes you to continually shift sleep positions, often unconsciously. Conversely, a too soft mattress can cause sagging, usually in the middle, causing an unnatural and painful sleep position. When you sleep on a Night Air® mattress you are in charge of the level of support your body needs.

Sagging is the top complaint of mattress owners overall with at least 20% reporting a significant problem.

We Support How You Sleep

Precise Adjustability

All Night Air® sleep systems include a 'whisper-quiet' pneumatic air pump compressor with exclusively developed computerized circuitry, as well as two separate state-of-the-art hand controls. Our precisely calibrated technology makes it possible for you to adjust each side of the mattress to your desired firmness level in single digit increments, from 1 to 100. No other air bed manufacturer, including Sleep Number®, offers this exacting degree of adjustability. Because this sleep surface allows for adjustable, variable firmness, you can rest assured that no matter what your firmness preference or sleep style, this mattress can be adjusted to conform to you, instead of you conforming to the mattress.

Customized Support

Sagging and loss of support is the number one complaint among mattress owners. A sagging, non-supportive mattress directly contributes to unnecessary pain, especially back pain. However, studies show that loss of support is less of a problem with air beds, as compared to most other types of beds. Our supreme 2-chamber mattress sleep systems allow you to adjust each side of the bed separately, from very plush to very firm depending upon your needs. If you want even more precise customized support, our ultra 6-chamber mattress sleep systems allow you to adjust the lumbar section independently from the head and feet. You will never have to worry about a sagging mattress again when you purchase a Night Air® bed by Boyd Sleep.

Support is a key factor in preventing and alleviating pain, especially back pain

Why Sleep On Night Air.

While falling asleep tucked into your partner's arms may sound nice, in practice falling asleep and staying asleep when you and your partner do not have compatible sleep styles can be very complicated. We developed Night Air® to provide solutions to the big issues that keep you up at night, such as tossing and turning, snoring, back pain and too little support.
How to Relieve Back Pain

Back Pain Relief

Adjust your lumbar area separately from your head and feet for truly customized support. If extra back support is ever needed, the center air chamber can be adjusted to a firmer level than your head and feet.

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Personalized Comfort

Most couples will not agree on the ideal firmness of their mattress. A Night Air bed allows you to independently adjust each side of the bed. No more compromising where the quality of your sleep is concerned.

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Snoring Solutions

Habitual snoring by you or your partner can lead to miserable nights, daytime fatigue, irritability, and increased health problems. Thankfully, sleeping in separate bedrooms isn’t the only solution for snoring.

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Our premium adjustable firmness sleep systems use air as the core and feature independent adjustability on each side of the bed.

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Shop Adjustable Bases

Your new Night Air Bed becomes much more versatile when you pair it with an adjustable power base. Works with all our air beds.

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An important key to comfort is a proper pillow that interacts with your mattress and your body to influence correct alignment.


Free standard delivery to your door


Love your bed or return for a full refund


Attractive terms for our customers