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Compare to Sleep Number and Sleep Better Together
Compare to Sleep Number and Sleep Better Together


Free standard delivery to your door


Love your bed or return for full refund


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FeatureDescriptionSleep Number®Night Air®
No Motion Transfer Two independent air chambers reduce side to side sleep disturbances.
Replaceable Components No need to replace an entire bed if a simple component malfunctions.
100 Night Sleep Trial You have 100 nights to 'Test Rest' your new mattress to ensure you are 100% satisfied.
Risk Free Shopping - Free Returns If you are not happy with your new bed you can ship it back within 100 days for a full refund, at no cost to you. We will pay for return shipping and even help with packing it up. Sleep Number charges for return shipping. And you are also out their original delivery cost of at least $89.99.
Fast, Free Shipping All products in our online store ship to you for FREE! The price you see is the price you pay...delivered to your door. Even freight line deliveries of foundations and adjustable Power Bases are FREE! Sleep Number®* charges you $89.99 for delivery of its mattresses and bases.
No Sales Tax Outside MO and CA No sales tax is collected in any state except Missouri and California. Sleep Number® charges sales tax in most states.
All New Thermal Poly Urethane (TPU) Technology Night Air® by Boyd Sleep constructs its air cores using Thermal Poly Urethane technology. TPU air cores are more durable and flexible than rubber air cores and have no lingering 'rubber' odor. Seams are molecularly bonded instead of glued for a much stronger, lasting seal with less potential for air leaks. Sleep Number®* beds are manufactured with rubber air cores that use latex glue to seal. Our TPU are cores have less than half the seams of Sleep Number®* air cores and are tested at more than twice the strength of rubber air cores.
Interchangeable Air Core Our air cores are engineered so that the left and right sides are interchangeable so there is never any confusion on assembly.
Certified Eco-Friendly Comfort Foam Manufacturing Night Air® comfort foam is produced in a sealed vacuum chamber, allowing us to use pressure rather than chemicals to control the foam's properties. This certified eco-friendly sealed process also prevents harmful VOCs from being released into the atmosphere. The comfort foam in the Sleep Number®* beds are not produced via a certified eco-friendly manufacturing process. Our foam is CertiPUR certified. Since our foam is produced in a temperature, pressure and humidity controlled chamber, the Boyd foam is consistent in density and firmness levels as compared to open air foaming processes.
Removable Washable Cover Easily zip off and completely remove the cover of your Night Air® bed at any time in order to machine wash (front loading machine only) or dry clean. A removable top cover ensures you always have a clean, hygienic sleep surface. Sleep Number®* air bed covers are not removable or washable.
Micro Pure® Covers The Night Air® sleep systems use Micro Pure® technology to envelope the foam comfort layers. Our Micro Pure® satin fabric is anti-microbial and helps to prevent the growth of microorganisms caused by perspiration, body oils, body ash and hair which can decompose and become a food source for dust mites. The cover completely envelopes the comfort layer and conveniently unzips to allow you to machine wash the cover. The cover utilizes a non-skid bottom fabric to prevent slippage. Sleep Number®* air beds leave their comfort foam layer(s) exposed.
Friction Free Safety Liner Surrounding Foam Tray Night Air® incorporates a fabric safety liner around the foam support tray. This liner prevents friction between the tray and the bladders and reinforces the foam support rails. Sleep Number®* beds do not have any barrier protecting their foam support trays.
Adjustable From 1-100 in Single Digit Increments Night Air® by Boyd Sleep utilizes state of the art technology, allowing you to adjust your bed in precise single digit increments from 1 to 100. This is 5 times the adjustability of a Sleep Number®* bed, which only adjusts in increments of 5. The Boyd Night Air® pressure sensor is very sensitive and allows for a more selective Support Index.
Patent Pending 6-Chamber Technology Six individual chambers in our Ultra Adjustable Air Beds allow you to adjust your lumbar area separately from the head and foot sections so you have more control of your ideal level of support in this critical area of your body. No Sleep Number®* bed offers six chamber adjustablity.
Separate Lumbar Adjustment When you purchase an Ultra Six Chamber Adjustable Air Bed from Night Air&reg, you can adjust the lumbar section of the bed separately from the head and feet so you can reduce back pain and pressure in this sensitive area. Since most individuals carry their weight in their mid-section, having the technology to adjust the midsection to be firmer than the head and the leg area prevents 'hammocking' and maintains proper body alignment.
UL Approved Transformer Night Air® has developed the technology to transform the electrical current from 110 volt to only 10 volts in the pump. Even if the circuit was exposed, 10 volts would not be enough to feel a shock. This transformer also helps to regulate voltage spikes that make cause the pump to malfunction. This feature also allows you to use our sleep system anywhere in the world, including those countries that use a 220 volt electrical system. Sleep Number®* does not use a transformer between their plug and the air pump.
Uni-Body Construction Night Air® bonds all the sides of the foam tray to the foam tray base. This prevents any bowing or distortion in your foam support tray. Other manufacturers, including Sleep Number®*, do not glue the foam side rails to the foam base. Generally the other manufacturers use a fabric 'sling method' to connect the foam rails on the opposite sides. This fabric can stretch and cause the foam rails to 'creep'. This can cause the air cores to distance themselves and create a noticeable gap between the left and the right air cores. Some manufacturers try to correct this type of design by inserting a foam partition between the left and right air chambers. While a foam partition can help with the gapping problem, this foam can create a noticeable transition from the air chamber to the middle of the mattress. A uni-body construction also prevents the cover from stretching.
High Density Compressed Foam Night Air® uses a 2.2 lb.density premium polyurethane foam to manufacture our foam trays. This is approximately 35% denser by weight than most all other manufacturers. We compress all of our foam before inserting it into a box. This method saves freight and allows us to ship our uni-body foam trays via UPS and therefore saves significantly on freight cost. The process of compressing the foam (including memory foam and gel memory foam) prior to packaging improves its consistency, allowing our foam to maintain its original firmness levels for an extended period of time.
Family Owned and Operated Night Air® is a division of Boyd Sleep. We started in 1977 and our founder, Denny Boyd, still works here everyday. We value and appreciate your business and strive to exceed your expectations. We live our mission statement everyday - Quality Sleep for a Better Life. We have earned the distinction of being an INC. 500 company 5 separate years. We have been granted over 40 US patents and continue to innovate each year to better serve our customers.


If you are shopping for the best mattress, and are comparing Select Comfort’s Sleep Number® bed to a Night Air® bed, your search stops here. Night Air offers superior technology compared to the Sleep Number® beds, with 6-chamber technology vs Select Comfort’s 2-chamber technology. Our 6-chamber Ultra Sleep Systems allow for three adjustments on each side of the bed, so you and your partner can get additional support with individual head, foot and lumbar support options. In addition, Night Air adjusts in single-digit increments, from 1 – 100, where Sleep Number® beds adjust in increments of five. And all this technology comes at a price that is substantially lower than most 2-chamber Sleep Number® Beds. At Boyd Sleep, we like to make the purchase process simpler too, with free shipping and no hassle 100% money back guarantee. So, shop our great selection of premium, adjustable air beds, and find out for yourself why Night Air is the name to know and trust for high-quality, everyday air mattresses.

Best Bed for Back Support

Compare Night Air Bed to Sleep Number® and Save.

With the recent increase in boutique on-line mattress retailers, you may wonder what makes us different. For starters we are not a start-up company. Secondly, we do not operate solely online. Boyd has been in the specialty sleep business since 1977. That's 40 years, and over 10 years longer than Select Comfort®! We have decades of experience and have sold millions of mattresses in that time. While other online mattress retailers may come and go, Boyd Sleep is an established and well respected industry leader. We have spent years developing and perfecting the sleep systems that we are offering for sale today. So you see, when you trust your mattress purchase to Night Air you can rest assured that you are buying from a reliable, experienced mattress manufacturer and not some online only start-up.


Love your bed or return for full refund

6 Reasons to choose Night Air.

Night Air® beds are best compared to Sleep Number® beds by Select Comfort®. While our air beds share many of the same basic features as the number beds, below are numerous quality features NOT found in any of the Sleep Number® beds, all at a price that is up to 50% less.

Six adjustable air chambers provide better sleep

Six Chamber Technology

6 adjustable air chambers allow for personalized comfort and support for each side of the bed without compromise. If extra back support is needed the center air chamber can be adjusted separately from your head and feet.

Your foam tray is better supported and friction free

Friction Free Safety Liner

A soft fabric liner protects the foam support tray. The liner reinforces the foam side rails and prevents friction between the bladders and foam rails. Available on the Supreme 2230 and 2240 models, as well as Ultra 6630 and 6640 models.

Relieve back pain with separate lumber adjustment

Precise Instant Adjustability

Two ergonomic hand controls come standard and allow you to adjust each chamber from 1 to 100 in single digit increments. Our Ultra sleep systems allow you to adjust you lumbar section separately from your head and feet.

Your air bed is protected from moisture build up

Removable, Washable Cover

All of our Night Air sleep system covers, no matter the style, can be completely zipped off and machine washed or dry cleaned, ensuring your bed remains clean and fresh for as long as you own it.

Keep cool as you sleep with gel memory foam

Gel Enhanced Memory Foam

Provides the same quality features as traditional memory foam, but our open cell, channel vented gel memory foam provides greater cooling and more targeted support than regular memory foam.

Experience better air circulation throughout your mattress

STAY COOL Channel Venting

Multiple channels sculpted directly into the foam comfort layers provide cool, refreshing air circulation. Excess heat is directed away from your body so you can sleep in a cool, comfortable environment.

Support is a key factor in preventing and alleviating pain, especially back pain

The Bed That Adjusts To You.

Take Control of Your Comfort

On ordinary beds, you are forced to conform to it. On an adjustable Night Air sleep system, your bed conforms to you! Using our sate-of-the-art hand controls, just the press of a button allows you to create a firmer or softer sleep surface. A Night Air sleep system has two individual air chambers and precisely calibrated computerized technology that can be adjusted from 1 to 100, in precise single digit increments. No other air bed manufacturer, including Sleep Number®, offers this exacting degree of adjustability. Our Ultra 6-chamber sleep systems feature three adjustable air chambers per side. You can adjust your lumbar area separately from your head and feet. This feature is sure to delight anyone that has ever experienced back pain and received no relief on a regular mattress.

The Best Bed for Couples

Most couples will not agree on the ideal firmness of their mattress. And for good reason. Studies show that when couples sleep together, one person will loose an average of 49 minutes of sleep each night because of their partner. But what if a new Night Air mattress could not only help you sleep better, but sleep better together? Your body shape, weight, height and preferred sleep position are all a factor in what level of comfort and support you prefer. You may need a soft sleep surface, but your partner may need a firm sleep surface in order to experience their ideal level of comfort and support. All of the Night Air sleep systems features independent adjustability for both sides of the bed, allowing each of you to select your individual level of firmness and support.

Shop Our Sleep Systems


Dual Chamber Sleep Systems

Dual air chamber technology allows you to customize each side of the bed to your preferred level of comfort and support.


6-Chamber Beds with Lumbar Support

Six air chamber technology with separate lumbar adjustment ensures personalized comfort for each side of the bed.


Free standard delivery to your door


Love your bed or return for a full refund


Attractive terms for our customers