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  • Six chamber air bed with grey and white cover on upholstered platform bed with headboard in bedroom setting.
  • Six chamber air bed with white and grey quilted cover.
  • Close  up showing corner detail of grey and white six chamber air bed cover.
  • Close up of white six chamber air bed cover.
  • Image showing foam tray, six zone air chambers and  foam layers inside six chamber air bed.
  • Detail image of six adjustable air chambers with separate lumbar adjustment.
  • Two 6655 LED hand controls showing plush to firm control with separate lumbar control.
  • Six chamber air bed with grey and white quilted cover

6655 6-Chamber Number Bed and Optional Adjustable Base

Quick Overview

Sleep smarter with Night Air’s 6655 6-Chamber Number Bed featuring personalized support for your lower back, head and feet coupled with 2” of tri-zone sculpted comfort foam for lasting comfort and support that contours to your body’s individual shape.


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Compare Sleep Number® 2-Chamber p5 to Night Air 6-Chamber 6655 and SAVE

Don't be fooled by the fancy gadgets and gizmos of today's "Smart Beds", let Night Air's Smarter 6-Chamber Number Bed engineering change the way you experience sleep for good. Other manufacturers only offer a dual chamber design and try to cover it up with gimmicks and other expensive add-ons that never truly enhance your sleep experience. Sleep smarter with Night Air's fully customizable head, foot and lower back adjustability that ensures you never have to settle for less than the best when it comes to your finding your body's unique support settings.

  • Six-Chamber Technology Ensures Personalized Comfort for Each Side of the Bed
  • Separate Lumbar Adjustment
  • Plush Quilted Cover with Patented Tri-Zone Quilt Pattern
  • Stay Pure Removable/Drycleanable Cover Provides a Hygienic Sleep Surface
  • 2" Tri-Zone Sculpted Comfort Foam Layer Increases Circulation and Support
  • Washable Micro Pure™ Fabric Sleeve Protects the Mattress from Condensation; Non-Slip Fabric Bottom Prevents Comfort Layer from Shifting
  • 8" High Density Foam Perimeter Support Tray Provides a Stable, Fixed Perimeter Around the Dual Air Cores and Prevents Edge Sag
  • Certified Eco-Friendly Foam Manufacturing
  • Heavy Duty TPU Air Cores Provide More Durable and Flexible Support Than Rubber Air Cores with No 'Rubber' Odor
  • Two Wired Digital LCD Hand Controls Come Standard and Allow For Individual Adjustment
  • Adjust the Head/Foot and Lumbar Areas from 1 to 100 in Single Digit Increments
  • 10" Total Mattress Height
  • 20 Year Limited Warranty
Best Mattress Recommended For: back pain, lower back pain, hip pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, pressure points, stiff sore muscles, arthritis, fibromyalgia, elderly, scoliosis, sciatica pain, insomnia, and all sleep positions including side, stomach and back
Total heights may vary slightly due to the level of firmness of the air core and the decompression of the foam tray. Please allow between 24-48 hrs. for the foam to fully recover after decompression.
*Comparison of Night Air® Ultra 6655 mattress to Sleep Number® p5 mattress only. Sleep Number® comparison price includes $89.99 shipping.

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  1. No more compromise review by Barb on 12/17/2018

    He gets the firmness he wants and I get the softness i like. Plus the lumbar setting is really comfortable for my hips

  2. Perfect Combo review by Ted on 12/17/2018

    I wanted an air bed so that I could adjust it, but I didnt want a bed that I sunk into. So many beds out there have so much foam and they don't even tell you what it is. This bed is perfect. Just the right amount of foam and it has this gel stuff in it that helps me stay a little cooler at night. Wish I found this sooner.

  3. Total satisfaction review by Jack on 11/4/2018

    I purchased the Ultra 6655 6-Chamber Air Bed Queen my total experience with customer service, delivery, assembly and function has been excellent. The bed was easy to setup and the adjustments for my wife and I are fantastic. We both are really enjoying this bed. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  4. great concept review by Ruth K on 10/24/2018

    the concept is great, and my husband's half of the bed currenty works and he loves it. I love the concept and am sure I will be satisfied once I get parts and defects worked out.

  5. good product review by LC on 10/24/2018

    good quality, easy to assemble

  6. Recommend review by Will on 8/20/2018

    I bought this bed to replace a 2 year old mattress that was giving me back pains. Within a week this bed made my back pains disappear. The only reason I didn't give a five star rating is i had two issues with the bed. When I first received the bed I received a faulty air pump and 3 months after I had an air bladder start to leak. These issues were resolved very quickly and easily. Customer service was excellent so it made up for the issues. I would recommend this bed to anyone looking for an air bed.

  7. jury still out review by Brian on 8/14/2018

    wasn't happy with the crinkling noises every time I moved. wound up putting a one inch memory foam pad on top of the bed and that helped. still trying to adjust the bed.

  8. Too firm review by Paulette on 7/2/2018

    We ordered a Queen size. I liked the quality of it but, it is too firm for me at any setting. We added a memory foam topper which helps.

  9. Satisfies our two main needs: Separate firmness for each of us; Sleeps cool. review by Jon on 7/2/2018

    I purchased the Ultra 6655 6-Chamber Air Bed, Split King and Adjustable Base Power Base 3 - and have been using them for about three months now. I was able to "roll" the boxes upstairs myself, and assembly was easy. We each set our own firmness and left it on auto to keep that constant firmness number. It has been great and very comfortable. I chose this model because I didn't want a lot of padding on top, since I sleep hot. I have been very comfortable with the temperature. The edges of the bed are firm enough to sit comfortably while putting on shoes, etc. We don't use the adjustable base as much as I thought I would, though I do secretly raise my partner's head a couple of inches when he is snoring and it helps. I raise both the head and foot sections when I change the sheets since it makes it easier to change the fitted twinXL sheets, by raising one mattress above the other so I can easily reach around it. However, if I did it again I probably wouldn't bother to get the adjustable base and would have gotten a regular king. (Though I do use the adjustments occasionally as mentioned) I purchased new twinXL fitted sheets for each of the two sections, but I think I could have used my existing king fitted sheet because it has deep pockets so can tolerate one side being raised while the other lays flat. Overall, we are very happy and comfortable in this bed.

9 Item(s)

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FeatureDescriptionSleep Number®Night Air®
Free Shipping and Returns With Night Air, the price you see on site is the price you pay. Save big by skipping the shipping fees that other manufacturers still have you pay extra for. If, for some reason, you’re not completely satisfied with your Night Air bed, you can easily return it for free within 100 days for a full refund.
Interchangeable TPU Air Cores Designed to be more durable and flexible than a traditional rubber air core, our TPU air cores use a molecularly bonded seam to remain strong and prevent leaks for countless years to come. Each air core can be used on the right or the left side of the bed, preventing any potential confusion with the setup process.
Certified Eco-Friendly Foam Manufacturing Luxurious yet eco-conscious, our multiple foam comfort layers are produced in a sealed vacuum chamber using pressure rather than harsh chemicals, preventing a buildup of VOCs.
Removable Dry Cleanable Mattress Cover Easily zip off and completely remove the cover of your Night Air® bed at any time in order to dry clean.
Micro Pure® Covers Our foam comfort layers are protected by a removable, washable anti-microbial Micro Pure® satin fabric cover. Sleep Number®* air beds leave their comfort foam layer(s) exposed.
Precise Adjustability Finding the right support level for your unique body is simple with Night Air. Industry leading technology allows you to fully customize your sleep experience by choosing your firmness from 1 to 100 with the precision to adjust in increments of 1.
6-Chamber Technology Night Air utilizes patent pending 6 Chamber air core technology. Separated into three distinct sections, head, lumbar and feet, you can fully control the distribution of support from head to toe for levels of support that fit your body and sleep style.
Separate Lumbar Adjustment One of the body's most pressure sensitive areas and the number one cause of a poor night's rest, pain in the lower back can be a true nightmare to deal with. Night Air lets you target the lumbar area separately, relieving pressure and helping you to finally achieve an ache free sleep experience.
UL Approved Transformer Night Air beds take in a standard 110 volt line but then reduce it to only 10 volts. This helps to not only regulate voltage but reduces voltage spikes between the air pump and the plug.
One Piece Foam Support Tray The base and sides of a Night Air foam support tray are bonded together, creating a sturdy, one piece support structure that prevents gaps between the air cores.

Risk Free Shopping - Free Returns

If you are not happy with your new bed you can return it for free within 100 days for a full refund. We even help with packing it up.Sleep Number®* charges for returns and you are also out their original delivery cost.

Fast, Free Shipping

The price you see is the price you pay...delivered to your door. Even freight line deliveries are FREE! Sleep Number®* charges you for shipping.

Thermal Poly Urethane (TPU) Technology

Designed to be more durable and flexible than a traditional rubber air core, our TPU air cores use a molecularly bonded seam to remain strong and prevent leaks for countless years to come. Sleep Number®* beds are manufactured with rubber air cores that use latex glue to seal.

Removable Washable Cover

Zip off the cover of your Night Air® bed in order to machine wash (front loading machine only) or dry clean. Sleep Number®* covers are not removable or machine washable.

Micro Pure® Covers

Our foam comfort layers are protected by a removable, washable anti-microbial Micro Pure® satin fabric cover. Sleep Number®* air beds leave their comfort foam layer(s) exposed.

Precise Adjustability

Our state of the art technology allows you to adjust your bed in precise single digit increments from 1 to 100. This is 5 times the adjustability of a Sleep Number®* bed, which only adjusts in increments of 5.

6-Chamber Technology

Night Air utilizes patent pending 6 Chamber air core technology. Separated into three distinct sections, head, lumbar and feet, you can fully control the distribution of support from head to toe. No Sleep Number®* bed offers six chamber adjustablity.

Separate Lumbar Adjustment

You can adjust the lumbar section of the bed separately from the head and feet to help reduce back pain and pressure in this sensitive area. No Sleep Number®* bed has lumbar support.

UL Approved Transformer

Our technology transforms electrical current in the pump from 110 volts to only 10 volts. This transformer also helps regulate voltage spikes. Sleep Number®* does not use a transformer between their plug and the air pump.

One Piece Foam Support Tray

We bond the sides of the foam tray to the base for one piece sturdy support. Other manufacturers, including Sleep Number®*, use a fabric 'sling method' to connect the foam rails on the opposite sides, which may cause gapping between the air cores.

6 Adjustable Air Chambers

Six Zone Individual Support

6 adjustable air chambers (3 per side) allow for personalized comfort and support for each side of the bed, from plush to firm, without compromise. Adjust the lumbar area separately. Heavy duty TPU air cores provide more durable and flexible support than rubber air cores with no 'Rubber' Odor'.

Ergonomic Hand Controls

Two Ergonomic LED Hand Controls

Experience instant adjustability with brilliant color graphics, precise adjustability from 1-100, auto fill and memory. Adjust the lumbar area separately from the head and foot, all in single digit increments from 1 to 100. No other air bed manufacturer allows for this degree of adjustability. Two hand controls are standard.

Add an Adjustable Power Base to your mattress

Your Night Air® sleep system becomes so much more versatile when you pair it with one of our Adjustable Power Bases. Adjust your head and/or feet to the most comfortable position for whatever you are doing…watching TV, reading, working, sleeping or simply relaxing in bed.

Adjustable Bases

  • Power Base 2

    Position yourself for head to toe comfort and support on this basic adjustable Power Base.

    from $679.00
  • Power Base 3

    Rest and relax in your very own calming, stress free zone with a fully adjustable Power Base.

    from $749.00
  • Power Base 6

    Turn your bedroom into the sanctuary you've always dreamed of with an adjustable Power Base.

    from $1,399.00


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Fast Free

Our beds ship free and will arrive 1-6 days after leaving our warehouse.

No Hassle

If you do not love your new mattress we will pick it up and give you a full refund.

Special Financing

On purchases of $500 or more with your Mega card. Minimum monthly payments required.


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