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Ultra 660 6-Chamber Air Bed

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Compare to Sleep Number®* m6and SAVE over 50%!**

While compromise may be part of your daily life, we believe you should never have to compromise when it comes to the quality of your sleep. The Boyd Night Air 660® six-chamber air bed ensures that your comfort and support take priority each night.

Our six chamber technology allows you to adjust the lumbar section of your six-chamber air bed separately form the head and foot. This separate lumbar adjustment allows you to experience a level of support in this crucial area that is not available with other air beds.

Choose the size of your mattress.
Optional Adjustable Base adds the perfect compliment of adjustability for your mattress. Now you can read, watch television, or browse the internet while comfortably adjusting your head and foot positions and washing away the aches and pains from your busy day. Note: Power Base also serves as foundation for your mattress.
Optional standard wood foundation. Pictured in the first bedroom shot with the mattress. Note: Not compatible with adjustable power base as the adjustable power base also serves as the foundation.
Optional Purify "Miracle" Mattress Protector is guaranteed to protect your mattress from dust mites and stains for 10 full years

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from $1,199.00

Ultra 660 6-Chamber Air Bed

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Compare to Sleep Number®* m6 by Select Comfort®* and SAVE over 50%!** (up to $1,280.98)
The Boyd Night Air® 660 six-chamber air bed offers exceptional comfort and support options when compared to the competition. Meticulously tailored lyocell cotton cover is both durable and breathable for your enjoyment, and easily removes for dry cleaning, ensuring you always have a clean, hygienic sleep surface. A multi-zone layer of memory foam molds to your body's shape and weight for increased circulation and support. Patented tri-zone construction provides increased density in the lumbar region for added support in the center third of the mattress.

The Night Air® 660 6-chamber air bed is designed to meet your individual needs. With the touch of a button you can instantly find the perfect sleep setting from 1 to 100, thanks to our 6-Zone Technology which allows you to adjust the lumbar section of each side of the bed separately from the head/foot sections. This separate lumbar adjustment allows you to experience a level of support in this crucial area that is not available with other air beds.

A superior value with a wide range of comfort options, the Boyd Night Air® 660 6-chamber air bed uses the highest quality materials and expert construction to create a sleep surface that will offer years of comfort and support. Compare our internal components to that of others and see why Boyd Night Air® is the top bed for features and benefits that matter most to you.

  • Six-Chamber Technology Ensures Personalized Comfort for Each Side of the Bed
  • Separate Adjustment of the Lumbar Area
  • Luxurious Patented Tri-Zone Quilted Lyocell Cotton Cover
  • Stay Pure Removable/Dry Cleanable Cover Provides a Hygienic Sleep Surface
  • 3" Multi-Zone Contouring Open Cell Memory Foam
  • Certified Eco-Friendly Foam Manufacturing
  • 8.5" High Density Foam Perimeter Support Tray
  • Heavy Duty 26 Gauge Vulcanized Rubber Air Cores (24 Gauge is the Industry Standard)
  • Friction Free Safety Liner
  • Two Wired LED Hand Controls Come Standard and Allow For Individual Adjustment
  • Adjust the Head/Foot and Lumbar Areas from 1 to 100 in Single Digit Increments
  • 12" Total Mattress Height
  • 20 Year Limited Warranty
  1. Sleep Review by Anonymous

    I was sold on the six chamber difference between this and the Sleep Number beds. Price was also a big concern as this bed is much cheaper than the sleep number comparison. My back is finicky so I wanted to be able to control that area of the bed. I was a little concerned about it being cheaper for a reason but I see nothing so far that makes it feel or function any differently than the sleep number.

  2. Good Review by Vicki

    I could not tell much difference between this one compared to the 670 except for the height of the mattress. I'm getting older, so I didn't want to jump up any higher than I have to. As others have noted its a good value bed. Nothing is going to blow you away but you sleep on them. The air is definitely a different experience and I love how you can control all areas of your body. I also got the power base 3 so I can now sit up in the bed while watching TV before bed.

  3. Elizabeth Review by Anonymous

    My favorite feature of this bed is the auto fill which helps keep your bed looking really tight when made. Glad to see someone paying attention to details. I was worried about quality but we're really happy with that aspect. Factoring in the price difference with our last sleep number bed it sleeps just as nice for half the price.

  4. Both are happy Review by Anonymous

    After recently buying a pillowtop simmons mattress and having one of us happy and the other in pain we decided to try these adjustable type beds to have individual levels of firmness. This bed may have saved my marriage (half joking). It's so nice to have the plusher feel that I like compared to the brick my husband prefers. You probably have a customer for life if this lasts.

  5. Review Review by Anonymous

    The memory foam layer on this bed really gives the best of both worlds. I think it cuts down a little bit with feeling every movement when you adjust the air but it's a tradeoff we're happy with. Finally a bed that we both are happy with.

  6. good Review by Seattle Sleeper

    I compared this bed with the i series from your competitor. What sold me were the extra chambers for maximum adjustability and, of course, price was a major plus as well. The bed appears and feels well made.

  7. Nice Review by Maria L

    I'm a previous sleep number owner who really appreciates the two hand controls standard. This is every bit as nice at a much more reasonable cost. Consider me a convert.

  8. Foam and Air Review by Patty H

    I was not sure if this was a memory foam bed or air bed at first. I have never owned an air bed but I have slept on memory foam for the last five years. I needed an excuse to buy something new so I moved the foam mattress into the spare bedroom. You have to sleep on it for a few evenings to truly appreciate the combination. After three or four nights you really get dialed into just the perfect adjustment setting for the best comfort.

  9. Comfy Review by Stephanie Lewis

    Super Comfy. Only con is a little on the expensive side, but not when compared to others who sell them.

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