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Ultra 6 Chamber Systems

  1. Ultra 660 6-Chamber Air Bed

    Compare to Sleep Number®* m6and SAVE over 50%!**
    While compromise may be part of your daily life, we believe you should never have to compromise when it comes to the quality of your sleep. The Boyd Night Air 660® six-chamber air bed ensures that your comfort and support take priority each night.

    Our six chamber technology allows you to adjust the lumbar section of your six-chamber air bed separately form the head and foot. This separate lumbar adjustment allows you to experience a level of support in this crucial area that is not available with other air beds.

    from $1,199.00
  2. Ultra 670 6-Chamber Air Bed

    Compare to Sleep Number®* m7 and SAVE over 50%!**
    Relax and recharge with the adjustable Boyd Night Air® 670 six-chamber air bed. A contouring memory foam comfort layer increases the outstanding comfort of this premium air bed. Compare to Sleep Number®* m7 and see for yourself the remarkable value of a Night Air® 670 air bed.

    Two ergonomic state-of-the-art hand LCD controls allow you to personalize the comfort and support of your Night Air® Bed. With the touch of a button you can instantly adjust your comfort level from 1 to 100 in single digit increments to meet your ideal support.

    from $1,299.00